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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Step 2 - Prime the Walls for Paint

The dark spots on the white kitchen walls have been primed. While that dries, I am working on another project. Another project, am I crazy?!

We had originally planned to lay linoleum in this bathroom. Our friend "Grandpa Jim" did the prep work for us. But, as you may recall, the pipes froze in December and we had to take up the floor. We need to leave the hole in the floor accessible to get our heat lamp in/out of the crawl space as needed.

The new agenda is that we will clean the floor and paint it. We cannot stain the floor, because it has bad spots where it looks like termites may have eaten it. A light paint will cover the bad spots and brighten up the room. Then, we will put down a large rug to cover the big cut-away in the floor.

I cannot account for my burst of energy these past two days, except to say that Spring is in the air! (That and I have company schedule to come soon! Yippie!) I will post a picture of the clean floor later. I have mopped it once already and it looks a lot better. I fear that I may have to scrub on my knees.

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Steve and Paula said...

Me thinks someones adrenals and thyroid are getting better!
Would you agree?