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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update on our sick family 2 c/o Paul

Bethany is now even more sick and has been vomiting violently. The other sickies are running fevers between 1o1 and 103 F. Pray that we do not have to make a trip to the ER. I am pretty mobile at this point and am able to care for everyone adequately. I took a paid day off for tomorrow and pray they will be better by Friday so I can get back to work.

Also, I got the new thermocouple installed this morning and the water heater is doing great.

Thanks for your prayers,



Brenda said...

Yes, I'm praying...praise the Lord, Paul, that you are well enough to care for the family while Bethany is so ill.

Steve and Paula said...

Get well soon!
Paul, if you are able, go buy a whole chicken and gently simmer the whole thing with one tblsp of vinegar in a big pot of water for 12 hours. A family pack works as well, just make sure you have the skin and bones intact.
Add some salt and any other seasonings that sound good, and feed the broth to everyone.
Jewish penicilin works wonders!

Krista said...

I'm praying too. . .times like these when I wish we lived closer together. . .I love you all!


Squirrel T said...

Ugh, I feel for you, and am praying. My family of 8 had it two weeks ago. I was down for two days violently vomitting, too. Thankfully my husband waited to get it til after I was feeling better.

Paul Woods said...

Squirrel, Yikes, I hope I do not follow the same pattern.

Krista, that is so thoughtful, makes we want to drop back about two centuries, maybe then the family would not have been so far apart.

I did not get a whole chicken to boil, but i did manage to get some Cambell's chicken noodle soup down'em. I will try the whole chicken next time, it sounds more natural and healthy that the processed variety.

Bethany and the kids are doing much better now, the fevers are down and the vomiting has subsided. They are all in bed getting some much needed vomitless sleep.

I pray my future may soon be the same.

Arthur Sido said...

I share your pain, we had four throwing up last night and I am willing be bet we will have four more kids puking today and eventually the two adults. Good times!

Glad to hear Bethany is feeling better.