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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update on our sick family

This stomach virus is brutal. Paul is the only one who is not sick at his stomach. We got very little sleep last night. The kids are all very, very weak... Nelson said, "My legs can't hold me up." I spent the last 3/4 of the hour in the bathroom.

But, there is good news... the kids can now sip 7Up. And, I can still sip 7Up. I washed laundry all night long (since I was up with a sick kid every 15 minutes anyway). I have enough sheets and blankets clean now that I am able to rotate.

Practical suggestions for large families when puke strikes:
-Plan ahead! Keep a supply of 7Up on hand... always
-Plan ahead! Everyone needs a bucket, go to the Dollar Store and buy a bucket or trash can for everyone.
-Plastic bags from the grocer make excellent liners for garbage cans, I double-line it for puke

Also, I think we will buy some more blankets. Extra blankets would be great when all the others are soiled all at the same time by sick children!

Paul has gone to town to buy the thermo coupler for the water heater to work. I have been washing the laundry in cold water. Not ideal - but it comes out a lot cleaner than it was!

Hopefully I will have hot water for wash and baths within the hour!


Brenda said...

I'm glad to hear of the childrens' improvement; I'm sure many were praying. It's also a blessing to see that your husband is well enough to go to the store, considering his serious back problem. By the way, I always wash in cold water, to save money and it does a fine job for me. This has certainly been a trial for your family, but the Lord is good and merciful to bring you through it.

sarah said...

Praise God for bringing you through this trial! I agree with Brenda and will pray for you all.

Another help BIG MAJOR HELP BEFORE the flue gets so bad:
Take activated charcoal,(human grade) just when the queasy feeling begins.

We take four caps with allot of water and this will often keep the flue from getting worse.
The charcoal absorbs the toxins.

Fevers and the physically weak feeling my persist, but the stomach pain and vomiting often is gone.