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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What was I thinking?!

If Paula is the Queen of Frugal, then I am the Queen of Bit-Off-More-Than-I-Can-Chew! My mud room used to have green carpet.

But, even though it was not on the To Do list, I took up the carpet today! I like the funky pattern that is underneath!

I was looking for the source of the cat poop smell, and I realized that it is the carpet itself that was stinky! So, I called Paul and told him my verdict. He was thrilled that I wanted to tear up the carpet (especially since he is an hour away, on the job, and cannot be called to help!)

I really hope that the room will air out now! I really hope the cat smell goes away! We plan to have a lot of company this spring, and I want their first impression to be better than that smell.

The job was harder than I expected. There was sand under the carpet... what's that about? So, I had to vacuum as I went along.

It took more hand/arm strength than I expected, but I got the job done. Now... whether or not I will be able to move my hands tomorrow is another story! My joints are quite sore and stiff right now. I could kick myself for again biting off more than I can chew! Because, once I started - it had to be finished!

I will put up a picture of the clean and finished product later.

1 comment:

Steve and Paula said...

That looks awesome! Good job Bethany!
And you are right, the color/pattern is cool.
And for what its worth, I always bite off more than I can chew!
Its always worth it in the end, but during? LOL!