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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You know the economy is bad, when...

Satellite television installation is taking a big hit! As I write, we are faced with this reality.

Paul's job (as a Dish Network Technician) is no longer "secure." He was able to get a few days overtime this past week/weekend. But, for weeks he has barely made 40 hours/week. Now, the company is keeping men home every day! Yesterday, there were four men kept home! They decide from one day to the next if there is work for all the men. Today, Paul just barely made the cut! He was the next name on the list to be kept home.

We were already praying for a new job for Paul, but now it looks like it may be necessary sooner than we thought!

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Arthur Sido said...

This is yet another example of what is happening. We are not in a mere economic downturn, we are in a seismic shift in our economy and there is no area that is safe (except jobs at the Federal government). I was lucky to get out of banking when I did and get into a better situation. I am glad I am not trying to move jobs now.

Meanwhile our government is proposing that we irresponsibly borrow and spend our way out of a problem caused by irresponsible borrowing and spending. Brilliant!