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Monday, March 23, 2009

Becca's Favorite Gift

So, what does my seven year old like best of all her birthday gifts?

Her new loom for making pot pads. It came with a book to show us some neat patterns. Above she made her first hot pad. Below: Her second pot pad - very nice!

She was about to burst her buttons this morning when she found her pot pad in the drawer with the others to be used... AND we used it! I am proud of my future homemaker!

Sorry for the poor picture quality! Writing the blog is my joy, not taking/posting pics.


Paul Woods said...

She is so precious. Thank you Beth for taking the time to teach her.

Ruby said...

Happy birthday to your darling girl!
Like your new profile photo too.

Dawn said...

oh- that was my favorite thing to do as a child! I still have pot holders made from my loom. I even sewed 16 together to make a baby quilt and sewed two together and added a strap to make a purse. I hope she has half the fun that I did.