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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Dear Visitor

My friend Dawn came to see me yesterday! She drove 2 1/2 hours (with two kids) from another place in MO to visit me! I do not have too many girl friends in real life, but Dawn and I have managed to stay in touch for years.

We met at college, through our husbands (who were both Bible majors). And, at the time she seemed so "perfect" that I could not spend much time with her. My dear friend Dawn is SO gifted in the areas of all things domestic and/or baby related. And, rather than learn from her, I ran away from her. I have repented of that proud course of action many times. But, despite my own pride, God took charge of that relationship in a BIG way. Paul and I were living in a duplex and God brought Jason and Dawn to live in the other side of it! We were such close neighbors that we practically lived together. I would knock on her door daily to chat, or to sample her cooking (since we could smell everything that she made), or to get a few moments of free child care.

I have such precious memories of those months living side-by-side! I was pregnant with Nelson and sick/weak most of that time. My precocious Rebecca (who was one year old) often needed a playmate while Mama rested. So, I would take her over to Dawn to play with her. On many occasions Dawn fed and even bathed Rebecca for me! Then, there were the times that she washed my dishes... cleaned up a puke mess that I could not get within 10 yards of... and much more.

I have learned more about being a wife and mother from Dawn than from any other real life friend! And, the learning continues!

Yesterday, she taught me and Rebecca how to prepare the avocados I bought for my new guacamole recipe. Rebecca and I took turns scooping out the avocado meat. And, then Dawn sliced/chopped/diced all the other ingredients, because my hands (as usual) were too sore to do it myself. (The guacamole was EXCELLENT! I think we will eat it in the future at least 2 times per month! Such a healthy recipe too!)

We were also able to carry on some adult conversation about legalism, modesty, family-integrated church, and some other issues while the kids played nearby. I had a lovely day! Two and a half hours is just far enough that we cannot visit very often, but that just makes our visits more precious when we do get together.

The only problem, she made us absolutely baby crazy by bringing her chubby 11 month old, red-headed girl! And, then she showed us the cute baby sling and carrier she made for her... now I want another baby even more than I did before! I want the baby sling, yes - but I want a squishy baby to fill it with even more!

What a lovely time we all had! OH - and she insisted on doing my dishes for me! And, I am so grateful that she did! Within the hour I was sobbing at how I could not have done them last night on my own.


Steve and Paula said...

Praise God for Refreshment!!

Arthur Sido said...

My wife and I had a friend up north like that, would just on the spur of the moment help you out, taking all seven or eight of our kids without blinking. Always just kind of knew what we were in need of. We reciprocated when we could, but it is hard to equate watching her two boys with her watching our eight kids!

Bethany W. said...

No contest! I think taking the 7 or 8 would be far easier than 2 boys!
; ) *joking*

Seriously, though - having one or two kids was so much harder for me than having all four!