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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doctor's Appt.

I had my appointment with the DO this afternoon. We have a starting point, but no answers yet.

Before I explain the possibilities for the serious condition, I need to mention the thyroid. He does not think that my thyroid condition is the reason/cause for my weakness, pain, and fatigue. And, since Armour was not working we told him that we wanted to get me back on Synthroid/Levothyroxin. Yes, I took it 20+ years without dramatic results, but maybe we were missing another issue. If you have a problem with this decision to get back on man-made drugs (as opposed to all-natural) take it up with Paul. Paul went to help me decide on a proper course of action. And, he and the doctor agreed to getting me back on Levothyroxin. I start back on this pill tomorrow morning, and I will get tested in 4 weeks/one month for results.

As I already mentioned, we all (myself, Paul, and the Doc) believe that my weakness, pain, and fatigue goes well beyond the realm of hypothyroidism. He also thinks that in the spring and summer my condition (whatever it is) goes into remission. (Because of more activity, sunshine, warmth, etc) When I thoroughly told the Dr my ailments we came to these possibilities.

Here are the possibilities:
1) Rheumatoid Arthritis - This is a serious possibility, and one that is easily tested for. Yes, I was tested for this last spring, but the Doc thinks that I fit the profile and there might have been a false negative. He compared it to taking a pregnancy test too early... the condition may not have been advanced enough to trigger my blood test. We will run a different test called an anti- CCP test in a month. This is NOT the same test I had last year. Last year we did a Sed Rate test. (Learn more about these tests here.)

2) Vitamin D deficiency - He seems to think this is not the chief culprit, but we will test for it in one month when we test for RA.

3) Fibromyalgia - This is a serious possibility. But, we will not pursue anything in this area until after one month has passed and an RA test has come up negative. At that time, my DO will send me to a neurologist to get an MRI and all those fun things to check for the other possibilities listed below.

4) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- This is another serious possibility. He said that I fit the profile.

5) MS - This is the last (and scariest) possibility. Because of my odd eye functioning he wants to see me get to a specialist that will do an MRI if/when the RA test comes back negative. My eye troubles are not so much characteristic of these previously listed conditions.

Am I panicked? Not exactly. I am not as calm as I would like to be. This month of waiting before testing for anything seems silly, but God must have a reason. And, Paul and the doctor agree that this is the best treatment plan. I am not being patient... I want to be tested for (and know the result of) the RA and vitamin D deficiency tests RIGHT NOW. But, this is not to be - and I need to leave this burden for the Lord to carry. I am insufficient (in and of myself) to handle these stressors without anxiety. But, the Lord is with me - His rod and His staff comfort me. And, He has given me His Comforter to keep me. In light of these facts - how could I be scared?

So - what do I know for sure? If I am going to get through the coming month(s) without sinning and worrying - I have got to be reading the Bible FAR more than I am! I need to be totally grounded in the Word. So, I plan to spend less time reading other people's blogs. I need to spend more time with the most important Book I could ever read!


Bethany W. said...
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Paul Woods said...

Amen, well spoken, my dear wife. I am with you all the way, in sickness and in health.

Ruby said...

Thanks for updating so quickly. Knowing so many around the world are praying for you must be a comfort.
God bless you all there.

Steve and Paula said...

I am glad you have a plan now.
God bless,

Alana said...

Saying a prayer for you.

The good news is, chronic illness has a way of bringing one so much closer to God.

Renanne Baker said...

I am so glad your doc is checking other auto-immune dieases,while I believe Hashimoto's Thyroiditis can and does cause all your symptoms. Did you mention sleep apnea?
It can also cause your problems, as it does me.
I also have been tested several times for RA,with negative results, but I still have great pain and weakness during the wet spring months.
It's a dilema I have opted to live with, but no willingly. Pain is pain,albeit it affects everyone differently,including perception.
I pray your tests find the cause so treatment can begin.
Hugs and prayers from Oklahoma,