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Friday, March 13, 2009

Hummus Yuckus!

I made hummus for the first time tonight... it was beyond awful! When I mixed the ingredients, it smelled like the corn products plant in Decatur, IL (for those of you who do not live near an ADM plant, that means that it smelled realllllly bad!)

I ate one bite and gagged. The taste in my mouth nearly compelled me to run to the bathroom! I forced the kids to try one bite - it is character building - and they all HATED it. Joshua gagged and spewed... Aaahh, the joys of trying new recipes.

So, is hummus a love/hate relationship? Is it an acquired taste? Or, do you think I did something to really mess up the recipe? I am frustrated, because I wasted half a lemon's juice in that concoction! (Well, the lemon peel was not a total waste. I took it to the bathtub and scrubbed the rust stains with it. After soaking, the red stains lightened up a bit!)

Any ideas? Want to send me a new recipe? Do you think that I just hate tahini? (I hope it is not an aversion to tahini... I paid $8 for that bottle of tahini at the health foods store!) I thought that everyone is supposed to love hummus?!


Lieuvena said...

Hi. I really enjoy reading your blog. I love hummus, but all my attempts to make it have failed. I end up buying it from the store. Recently I wanted hummus and couldn't get out. I ended up using 1 can white beans - rinsed and drained,1-2 Tbls. olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper (all to taste, start light and add as you need to). I also added a little water to get it a spreadable consistancy. I just mixed it all up in my food processor and tasted as I went. Very frugal and it was very tasty! The kids all loved it.

The Pilgrim Pundit said...

humus yuckus ditto! Never have liked the stuff. It tastes better with cardboard though. The recipe is as follows,
Open one package of Humus and one package of crackers.
Take the crackers out of the cardboard box,dump the humus in, and eat the crackers!
Seriously though, we loved the post on Pollards little book. It has been required reading in our home training for years. Plain, good common sense reading of scripture will solve problems! It is one of the greatest shames of the church today that we have failed in this area. May God grant us all more love of holiness and chastity.

Steve and Paula said...

You might want to try adding sour cream to the batch you made.
Next time, make a tiny batch using olive oil in place of the tahini.
Tahini is very potent. And if you do not care for the flavor of sesame, that might explain the aversion.
Personally, I have never met a hummus I did not like.
When trying something new, do a google search on variations of the recipe, plus other peoples reactions to it.
A good way to ensure there will beano problems afterwords, is to start with dry beans, and soak them for 24 hours. You an add yogurt whey to ensure all the toxins are gone as well.
Keep it up! I still have a fair share of oops in my kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I personally love it, but I know several people who do not. That being said, I've yet to try making it myself. I actually copied the recipe someone left you, and was planning on making it tomorrow. I'll let you know if it's the recipe or just your tastebuds. :o)

Bethany W. said...


My recipe has both extra virgin olive oil AND tahini. Two bold flavors together! IF I ever make it again (and I am not promising that I will), I will try adding a dollop of sour cream.


Nan Baker in Oklahoma said...

I haven't tried the huimus recipe someone shared with you, but I did buy the ingredients.
The TAHINI I bought was NOT bottled, it is in a can and my understanding is that it is a thin paste. The brand name is JOYVA. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Ryan and Sandra said...


I LOVE hummus w/pita bread. We had it every day last summer when we were in the Middle East and I think it's somewhat of an acquired taste, maybe, but I think it really depends on the recipe. I really DON'T LIKE tahini, and have made it a lot like Lieuvena tlad you she makes hers, using chicken broth instead of water if I have it around. I can't seem make it as tasty as we had it this summer, and I disliked the stuff I bought premade from the store.

My husband said, "Oh, I hope she didn't throw it away! That stuff IS expensive. You can tell her to put in in a casserole-type dish!" That's our solution for kitchen 'failures'--remake it into something else!

We had the best cookies ever from a flopped carrot cake and even though I wrote out the ingredients afterwards, trying to remember what we had put in, I couldn't make them the same ever again. Those "Good Badlands Cookies" (named because they were good and we made them in our motorhome in Badlands National Park) :) were SCRUMPTOUS!

So, I say:
*give hummus another chance, eat it with warm pita bread, don't use tahini (sorry about your $8 jar!)
*make a casserole the likes of which you'll never be able to make again, and do your best to make it super tasty so that you regret your inability to remake it in the future!

Don't be too discouraged.
Happy cooking! :)


Bethany W. said...


Paul called the phone company to cancel service... thus forcing us to get Skype, but they gave him some sob story about everyone canceling their service! And, offered him a big credit, just to keep him another 3 months. So, we still have regulare phone... but one of these days...

You made me laugh out loud with your post script!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure all your ingredients were good? Olive oil that is rancid is BAD and tahini gone rancid is worse than bad. It would smell like that awful smell near the plants in IL you mentioned. Have you enjoyed store-bought stuff? We like the "Tribes" brand - 40 spices variety.

-Mrs. B

(Kerri) said...

Hmmm...not sure what may have happened. I do know that we are not fond of plain hummus. I have made plain hummus in the past and although it wasn't inedible, no one was begging for more. However when I make the roaste pepper and roasted garlic hummus it gets rave reviews and calls for seconds. I also made one batch with green onions and basil...mmmmmm good stuff. You only need a little bit of olive oil and tahini. Tahini should have a nutty taste as it is ground up sesame seeds. Not as strong as peanut butter, more on par with almond butter. Better luck next time :-)