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Monday, March 16, 2009

In my basement

Paul found this fellow lurking around the root cellar/basement floor this morning. This looks like another black rat snake, but not as large as the one we had last summer. So, if I am doing my math right... that is at least 2 snakes... ugh.


Paul Woods said...

Now that's a flattering pic of your hubby. ;)

Mama Hen said...

Oh me on my. I would have yelled. Did you?

Bethany W. said...

Mama Hen,

Scream? No, not this time. Paul found it. My reaction was "Wait, I want to see it. Let me get the camera."

I scream about mice... or any noise that sounds like a mouse... or any black spider that is as large as a mouse...

I kind of like rat snakes (or, at least I like the idea them)- they eat mice! But, Paul decided the snake would be better off living out of doors and left him atop a round hay bale an acre away from the house.


Tina said...

Snakes too?! You didn't say anything about snakes!! Caleb was impressed that Paul actually caught it...he said, "I would have been trying to hit it!"
Ok. I'm focusing on the $3.10 gallon milk :)

Bethany W. said...


It is not a live-in basement. It is more like a root cellar. A tornado would be the only reason I go to the basement (I never have been all the way down in it yet!)