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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A long forgotten update

We had a home schooling accomplishment that I forgot to mention...

About one month ago, Rebecca and Nelson finished Saxon K math. For those of you unfamiliar with homeschooling, it is not at all unusual to have two children (who are close in age) in the same math programs (or science, or history, or whatever one child excels in...). Nelson (who is 18 months younger than Rebecca) is great with number concepts. Rebecca... not so good. She was struggling with Saxon 1, so it made perfect sense to review back to the K program. The review was very helpful, and she was able to feel like she was still more advanced, because she grasped these review concepts quickly. (In simple terms, she felt smart!)

Sorry that I forgot to document this achievement! I know that many friends and family come just to hear stories about the kids (and their schoolwork)! I will try to post a little more about the kids' schoolwork... if I remember...

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Anonymous said...

congratulations! I have one finishing their math curriculum in the next two days or so. I told him I wasn't ordering his next one (Math-U-See) until the conference at the end of the month, so he gets a break! (well, except I'll be giving him some timed quizzes, but that's just 5 minutes a day!) Plus, when they start a new book, it seems that the first 10 lessons (at least) are easy review lessons (for those that just had 3 months off, which we never do - maybe 3 weeks!)

-Mrs. B