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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(Reposted July 22, 2009 after editing)

Answers to prayers:

1- I visited a Dutch Country Store about 35 minutes away and I bought box loads of healthy ingredients! I was able to get bulk (and organic) wheat, cornmeal, barley, oats, rye, unsweetened coconut, and much more! I was able to get 2 big boxes of healthy grains and goodies for $70! I cried for hours... I was so happy!

2- Paul called his dental insurance to find out where to get me into a dentist, because the internet said our "network" was about 100 miles away... And, LONG story short - I went to a dentist 15 miles away this morning! I was able to get a full set of X-Rays and an exam. I go back to begin a treatment plan on March 31st.

3- Paul and I were looking for a little push mower, because our lawn mower died last year. We were considering a reel mower (think man-power, not horse-power). A reel mower is about $100. But, after getting laughed out of every store we went into (because we have about 2 acres to mow), we decided to reconsider. We found a 22inch push mower at Wal-Mart this afternoon - last year's model. Paul offered them $100 for it (the price tag said $158), and they accepted his offer! I tell you, my husband is the King of Bartering! We are now the proud owners of a little push mower.

4- I have made a few traditional food recipes this week and they were amazing! No processed/refined ingredients! All healthy grains! All great taste! I did have to buy many ingredients to make some dishes, but I needed them to eat more healthy anyway! The children are eagerly trying new recipes!

1- Paul's job is still not "secure." There were 12 men sent home without work this morning!!! Paul does not like this job, but we would rather not lose our only income (before lining up a new job)! But, the Lord is good - and maybe He is doing a new thing!

2- We are feeling very displaced. We have no friends locally with whom we can fellowship regularly. We are looking for dear companions who we can worship and fellowship with throughout the whole of a week! We want dear friends that we can truly share life's journey with. We love meeting new friends in the blogosphere, but I long for real-life friends whom I can hug and hands to hold! We want a family (or families) to share one another's burdens! When we moved here, we thought we would be getting this type of situation with Paul's parents... but,life is not always as we imagine it. We continue to pray for real-life friends.

This update will have to do for now, I am trying to cook while I write (never a good idea). I will be on soon (tonight or tomorrow) to review a wonderful book! Stay tuned...


Ante Family Agrarians said...

Thanks for the update, and hope your dental work goes well.
We've spoken with several realtors for the northern/central missouri area, and are going to be making a trip there March 16-18. If during our travels it would be great to meet you.
If you'd like email me...
Peace, Kris

Ruby said...

Re: Concerns 2
I think local like minded friends are an absolute must. I have been praying for this very thing for you and especially a true, in-the-flesh Titus 2 woman! Having said that, many survive, no, flourish without them and the Lord graciously upholds. It is a great opportunity to grow strong together in this season.
Also will pray that the Lord opens a new door for Paul's work.

(Kerri) said...

I am praising the Lord with you on your amazing provisions! I am going to put a plug here for you all to move out our way :-) We go to a great family integrated church!

Just know that I am praying for you on a regular basis. It is great to see God moving in your life.

I am going to look for that cookbook through interlibrary loan. I need some new recipes to try out!


Bethany W. said...


You are most welcome to come any time! I will be in touch, but maybe not today. My satellite internet is being naughty and running slower than dial-up! (Supposedly we breached our "fair access policy" limit.) We would love to meet your family!

I know that you have been praying for friends for me, perhaps with more diligence than I do! From reading your blog, I know that you have some dear real-life friends! And, you must know the value of dear sisters like I can only imagine! I value your prayers and kind words!

I know that you live in a lovely area with a wonderful church. But, as much as I loved living in Wake Forest, I have no intention of leaving MO. We really like this state - it suits us very well. (Flexible Homeschool laws, fewer gun laws, wise hunting laws, few housing codes, lots of land, cheap property/taxes, great ground for growing things, snow, autumn, etc). And, unless the Lord says otherwise, we will plan to stay here indefinitely! But, it means a lot to me that you would try to persuade me to move! You are too kind!


Steve and Paula said...

Praise God!!!
You will find that the foods that God made for good do cost far less in the long run.
And you live in a prime location for good foods!
If you ever get to grind your own grains, Wheat Montana is the best. They are organic, but have chose to not carry that label so they do not have to pass the government mandated expenses on to the consumer.
We just got 50 pounds of White Spring Wheat for $30!!

God will provide like minded fellowship in His time. It let me tell you, it is special when it comes along.
I promise to do my best to visit you all when we come down this fall.
Maybe we can have a bloggy get together with Kris and April at the Farmers Market.
We have a companion ticket set aside, so we will only have to buy one ticket at full price!!!!

Tammy said...

So glad I came across your lovely blog! I'd love to be your neighbor, but alas, we live far, far apart.

I'll stop by for another bloggy visit soon!


Bethany W. said...


Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...


I did a mapquest search, and it looks like we are only about an hour and 45 minutes apart (at least according to the city Paul has listed on his blog). I don't know how you'd feel about a stranger showing up at your doorstep, but one of these days when I don't have the kiddos (I only have them until the school year is over), I would love to come down and have a cup of tea with you (or coffee, or wine, or whatever it is you drink). :o)

Bethany W. said...


You are so sweet to offer to come visit! Just call the night before (or as much notice as you have), and I will have something on hand for us to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Bethany...I meant to ask you where the Dutch country store was that you went to. (I'm hoping the 35 minutes was toward MY direction, because it sounds like something I'd really like to check out!)

I must have missed the part about the mower when I read this the first time. We actually have a reel mower, and my husband is so sweaty (but manly!) when he comes in from mowing our tiny yard...I can't imagine someone doing 2 acres with it!

Bethany W. said...


The huge dutch bulk foods store that I went to in this post is located in Versailles, MO (in a largely Mennonite populated area). That is 35 minutes South of me, not Westward... sorry!