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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling Better - An Update

It is a heartening thing to know that people literally all over the world are praying for you! And, these past weeks, I have received multiple emails from blog friends assuring me of their prayers for my health. And, it seems that God is restoring my health. At this point, I don't know if it is a permanent type of healing or another remission brought on by weather.

My health:
- I can do dishes without dropping any
- I can do dishes without hand pain and cramping
- I can stand to do dishes without my knees and ankles getting so sore that I limp the rest of the day
- Last week, I could not lift my arm to write on the dry erase board for school. Today I taught school all by myself with no pain!
- I could have gotten up easily at 5 this morning
- I have not taken a nap today (And will not, because the kids will be up any minute)
- I walked up and down the driveway today... I even RAN a few yards to "race" Nelson on a bike. I could have cried (ok, I am crying now...) because, a few weeks ago - I thought I would never run again! I wasn't sure if I would ever walk again!

These are all great improvements. I hope they will last!

Another thing... though I do not like being sick/disabled, I see some value to it. I have never been more sure of Paul's love for me as I am today. I have heard him cry for me, while he thought I was sleeping. I watched him serve me again and again. He has been a most humble servant to me in my weakness. While our marriage is not perfect, I have no doubts of his love for me.

I don't ever want to paint a glossy, perfect family portrait on my blog. I seek to be authentic. I am just reporting the best news I have today, while conveniently leaving out the 2 milks spills at breakfast, the apple juice spill and lunch, etc...


Mama Hen said...

So glad you are feeling better. I enjoy your blog and your updates.

Arthur Sido said...

Milk can be replaced, juice can be wiped up. So very pleased that you are feeling better!

Nan Baker said...

As in our spiritual lives,the top of the mountain cancels out the valleys, as it is with the ups and downs of health problems.
I pray for your continued mountain top health.
Nan in Oklahoma.

Steve and Paula said...

Big Hugs, and keep drinking that Raw Milk!!!!

MamaBee said...

I found your blog this morning and felt as if I had found "myself"...we sound alike in so many things!
I, too, had physical difficulties as you have been experiencing. Finally, after one woman doctor told me I needed to get a job outside the home so I could have a "break" from the home-work and child raising, I was given the "well, we can't find anything, so we'll say you have fibromyalgia".
Realising I was on my own, I did my best to eat properly, get some excersise in and for me, to be right with God. That was several years ago and my "achiness" as I call it has really been far and few in between. BUT when it happens, I remember how good it felt for it to be gone! Then I just take each moment in prayer, do what I can and leave it up to Him. God knows where we are at, each step that we take and that we are in pain or not...THAT alone gets me through those times of aching :)
I am glad you are feeling better, I applaud you for putting God first (we share the "blog" sin!)and a praise for you and hubby being on the same page. We went through that for a time as well, and when we were on the same page, my health improved as too...God does move in mysterious ways!
Thank you for the encouragement this morning...it is greatly appreciated! God bless you :)

Ruby said...

Hi Bethany,
I've awarded you a blogging award!
Visit when you can but don't worry about the forwarding thing. I've never been given one of these before and believe me, with my lack of skills, it took me ages to do the post.
Hope all going well.

Sue said...

I just happened upon your blog this morning, and just wanted to say that I'm so gald that your feeling better. Praise God! I have had RA since I was 12 (so, it's actually juvenile RA, or JRA). If you ever just want to "talk" with someone who knows what it's like to have a chronic disease - for information, or just to vent a little - feel free to contact me through my blog or at sueinjapan (at) yahoo (dot) com.