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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Garden - A disaster area

It has been such a cold, wet spring. We have only been able to plant a few things. Unfortunately, there has been so much rain that our garden is drowning.

I have been using these cold, wet days to snake-proof my house. I have put thick steel screen inside all of our heat registers. I am hoping that this will also keep out some of our smallest pests (the eight-legged and six-legged varieties).

Another funny story - we had a bird in the house the other day! There is a large hole in one of our screens, and some silly little wren decided to come through it to explore our house! It was a very bright bird, and it seemed relatively calm during the ordeal. We shut all the bedroom doors we could, and we darkened all the windows except for one with the screen removed for the bird to fly out. It worked! The little bird flew right out! I like wrens... but not so much in my house.

Lastly, still no test results from last Friday's blood work. I will let y'all know as soon as I hear anything! I am also mulling through a few posts in my mind about modesty, and one about submission... if only I had time to write!

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Arthur Sido said...

Maybe you can grow some rice in your garden!