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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great News!

Paul was hired today!

You may recall that Paul worked for UPS before we moved to Missouri (and, if you know us personally, then you know that he also has worked at the "hub" in Raleigh, NC). Anyway, he has often lamented leaving the UPS position at Springfield, IL.

Well, today he was hired on at UPS in Columbia, MO. He will be loading the trucks in the wee hours of the morning. He will again be driving 45 minutes to get to work. The money does not really make much sense in the beginning... with all the driving. BUT, he spoke to the Human Resources gal and told her plainly that he wishes to drive as soon as possible. Before he quit in IL, he had begun driving on Saturday's route... but that was WAY too much for him to do (working 7 days a week) while he was also trying to be a minister at a small country church.

Anyway, he is very excited about this course of action - and I am excited too! Also, UPS has college tuition reimbursement, and Paul has been kicking around the idea of a degree in auto mechanics. I am also VERY supportive of that course of action. But, we are still praying through all of this.

We are also praying for a commuter car for Paul. He does not want to leave me stranded without transportation. He also wants to get something with really good fuel economy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Homeschool Civics

Yesterday we attended our first home school rally. It was a homeschool civics fieldtrip to the MO capital. Read about the bill we were opposing here.
These are all complete strangers... no one I know.

There was quite a variety of homeschooling families there. It was really neat to see all the support. After the rally we looked around the capital. It has all kinds of nifty exhibits like a museum! The kids enjoyed our time in the capital looking at things, more than our time spent standing on the lawn. We were too far back to hear the speeches.

It is really neat to see immediate results for our labors!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good news

I do NOT have Rheumatoid Arthritis! However, I am very deficient in vitamin D! Hopefully a special supplement can ease some of my pain, and perhaps give me more energy! I will let you know!