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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby #5 update

I completely forgot to blog about my ultrasound last week! Sorry, to those of you who only get your updates from the blog!

Rebecca is a little disappointed, because the ultrasound showed just ONE baby! I thought the baby looked big... or maybe I am expecting the worst. They did NOT do any ultrasound measurements to confirm the due date. My big, long ultrasound will be July 21st. At that time we will know gender, size, due date, etc. (Anyone want to babysit 3 of my kids so that Paul can go along?)

I never did say why I am going to an OB and getting ultrasounds, did I? A few months ago I was planning to home-birth. It is still my dream/desire to homebirth, but our insurance will not cover such things as midwives and home deliveries. I will give birth in a hospital with individual labor/delivery/recovery suites. I will write up a birth plan that refuses antibiotic cream on Baby's newborn face (since I do not have any STDs) and the Hep B vaccine.

One last thing... even though I am supposedly only 15 weeks along, the baby was as high as my belly button this morning. Rebecca enjoyed feeling Baby roll around. If I am only 15 weeks this is going to be a B-I-G baby!


Mama Hen said...

I know you are so excited! Babies are such wonderful gifts.

Fine Linen said...

Congrats again.
Wonderful to hear everything is going well.
Blessings dear friend.

outdoor.mom said...

i always hoped for twins too (though my kids didn't) :-) well congratulations.