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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Considering a Move

Paul and I have been talking about moving closer to Columbia, MO - where he works. If you have read my blog for very long, then you know I have wanted to move for about 10 months (that would date back to the day of our move - LOL).

Reasons we want to move:

- Less money/miles for Paul to get to work
- Less driving = More sleeping for Paul
- Paul needs another part-time job (which may be with UPS driving the "air" packages), he will look into waiting tables after he finds out whether he will get transferred into the driving position with UPS... but either way all jobs are in Columbia
- Mice, rats, snakes, opossums, raccoons, skunks, and anything else that is IN my basement and/or IN my walls!
- Closer to our friends that we fellowship with weekly (a Bible study group)
- More options for a local church. We would love to drive only 15 minutes to get to church
- Our house has no insulation, and costs a fortune to heat
- Our house is literally falling apart. Our windows are falling out of the sills... and/or the sills are falling out of the casing - seriously
- We NEED to separate our boys from our girls, right now they all four share one room
- Where will we put another baby?!
- The water is not drinkable
- The water stains my clothes red (with iron)

Reasons we may not want to move:
- Money, of course - it always costs more to move and set up housekeeping than you first expect
- Our current rent is INSANELY LOW! We will never find a house as cheap as this again... and I doubt I would like it if we did : (
- We love the open space for the kids to run around here
- We have a dog and 3 cats (2 cats are currently pregnant)

So, in my estimation, if we rent another place in the country there is only one remaining objection to moving - money. (But we would certainly be saving money on propane to move!)

And, even though I am very tired, I think I could rally for a move!!! (Anything to get away from the snakes and mice ; )

We are going to be seriously praying about this!


Anonymous said...

You sound UP today just at the thought of a change. Could your surroundings be causing you to feel depressed? Low rent is not a good reason to stay if you are not happy! You sound like a totally different woman today! Eliz.

Bethany W. said...


Your intuition is correct. I feel better just thinking about getting away from this house. I have tried to be content with my home... it just isn't working. And, every night this week I have lost sleep because of a rat's gnawing/ scratching noises (I think it is a rat by sound... larger than a mouse, smaller than a 'possum. It is in the heating vents!).

Also, I feel a little stronger. I went to the grocery store this morning, and it didn't wear me out! So, it is likely a combination of the idea of moving and physical improvement.


Anonymous said...

your fourth point would be enough for me to be inclined to move :-) Plus you would be ever so slightly closer to us!

-Mrs. B