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Monday, July 20, 2009

Changing around the rooms

I changed around the kids' rooms today, because we REALLY needed to take Nelson away from the girls. He has no concept of privacy, and we had to convert my tiny former school room to a tiny little bedroom.

The school room BEFORE:

Nelson's new room AFTER:

Too bad we can't get rid of that terrible carpet, but the renters who lived here before us tore out the gorgeous wood floors from this room and our living room. I am considering moving Joshua's crib into Nelson's room as well. But for now:

The girls' room AFTER:

Sorry the light isn't better, I didn't want to bother Lydia... and I was eager to get my pics up. As you can see, the wall is still poorly papers. I don't think we will ever fix that! I would rather move than fix up a place I am only renting.


Steve and Paula said...

Oh what fun it would be to restore that house!
I love old homes with trim and floors like yours has.

It already is looking so good with the things you have been able to do to it.

My sister, a few friends and I had an opportunity to do a restoration on an ancient home, but sadly, the foundation and roof were to far gone to make cost effective.

And, it is wonderful to hear that you are slowly getting better.

A Country Homemaker said...

Hi! You could always pain tover the icky wall paper. Just peal the big chunks off and paint. It actually looks good when your done.

A Country Homemaker