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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creepy Crawling Things

Do not read this if you have aversions to eight-legged things and reptiles...

OK, so we seem to have something of an infestation of brown recluse spiders. No joke, we see at least one a day (in the daytime!). So we are very concerned how many are lurking around in the darkness! Two nights ago there was one on my pillow!

We have been doing reading and research on these poisonous and pesky fellows and we found out that we cannot simply spray to kill them. We do NOT normally spray for bugs at our house anyway, because we like the way God designed to let the critters take care of themselves. For example - brown recluse eat crickets; wolf spiders and jumping spiders eat brown recluse; and our snakes (living in the walls and basement) eat about everything else. (No one eats the snakes, they are too big!)

The problem with this food chain is that I have not seen any wolf spiders for well over a month. (Normally, I would not complain about this, as they are really creepy!) But, we need something to kill the brown recluse before they kill us! We read that only a certain kind of box catches and kills these troublesome people-killers.

We will NOT call Orkin or Terminix as we are very poor. And, moving does not seem to be an option... though I am cleaning the attic in case God provides a miracle!

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Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! This I will pray for constantly! I know if i had spiders in my house I'd cry every day. We get the occasional centipede and that is enough to have me head for the hills. One bug is one too many!