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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Forced Abortions and Sterilizations: Is this for real?

Fox News recently reported on some views of one of our new White House gurus, John Holdren, director of Science and technology Policy. (Read the report here.) Apparently, Holdren wrote a book in 1977 that spoke of forced abortions and sterilizations. Among his ideas was the concept of poisoning public water supply and adding sterilizing chemicals to foods!

Terrifying! I was already leery of public water sources because of flouride (click here to read just a FEW reasons)... and, I was already afraid of chemicals in foods... but now I am even more concerned. I think my family will continue on our path to eat more traditional foods, more organic foods, and continue using heirloom seeds.

I have no doubt that some people read this Fox news story and say "that can never happen," and laugh the whole thing off. But, I think we need to be aware and stay current with issues as they present. We need to be ready to call our congressmen/women if (or rather when) such issues get put into bills.

This is more than an issue of personal liberties, this is a potential matter of human life.

Did you know that the W.H.O has already been connected to sterilizations. Read about that here. (I cannot endorse the whole site, as I have not read every word on it. You can google the info and find it on any number of sites.)

And, this link speaks of possible sterilization that can occur from the Gardisil shots for teen girls.

More scary links to sterilization and vaccination here, many of these may be considered "conspiracy theories." But, you really have to ask yourself, "Could this be true?" (Just one more reason that we don't vaccinate).

This blog rarely ventures into political things. And, honestly, right now this issue is more about LIFE than it is about politics! Where the two intertwine, I will be forced to take a stand, and I CHOOSE LIFE!

Some hard questions to consider:
- Can this be true?
- Has the government already started covertly using any of these measures?
- Will your teens, who are given a Gardisil vaccine, be able to have children when they want to?
- How much infertility, in our present culture, could be caused by measures unbeknownst to most civilians?
- Will our children be allowed to have children? We have seen China implement such a standard... what nation will be next?
- What can your family to to protect itself, without being paranoid?

A word of encouragement:
Without a doubt, GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL! He knows what has happened, He knows what will happen. We have to trust that, even when we do not understand, God knows everything!

Many thanks to MamaArcher, who made her friends on Facebook aware of this issue.

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Steve and Paula said...

THere is a reason Soy is in everything. It causes low sperm counts in men, and infertility in both men and women.
It is fine if eaten fermented in small amounts though.
I saw paperwork somewhere of big corps that admitedly send certian pesticide laiden foods to 3rd world countries to "help" lower the birth rate.
All of what that man wrote has and is occuring, all over the world.

Never mind the whole contaminated vaccines, and then the same company is tasked with creating the antidote for it, and the swine flu.

Hehehe, this subject makes both Steve and I "soapboxy" LOL!

All the more reason for Believers to pull away from processed foods, vaccines and fluoridated and chlorinated water.
We need to be strong in the Lord and our bodies, and in our right minds to combat this stuff. Even if combating it just means growing and raising it all ourselves.
Just the way God intended it to be :o)