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Monday, July 20, 2009

More Room Changes

Before I made changes: A dark drop-leaf table and a bench (the bench was handmade by my dear Grandpa). I have wanted to refinish this table for years, but don't have the tools, time, or know-how.

I brought the veneered table from the homeschool room, because it is SO much easier to clean!

But where did the pretty bench go? At the end of my bed!

Now, if only I could find the missing chair that goes in the kitchen...

And what should I do with the drop-leaf table? I will keep it, because it was a wedding gift and because it has 2 extra leaves to seat about 10-12! (I just can't use it in this little kitchen!)


Fine Linen said...

Your changes look great. It's always a wonderful feeling to rearrange things.
I love the beadedboard and color of your kitchen. Great Job!
Blessings dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany.
I believe your drop-leaf table to be a Duncan Phyfe. Something you'd like to hang on to and maybe even refinish someday :-)
You could drop the leaves and place it behind your couch with a lamp on it. It is a lovely table! I've been looking for one. Yours caught my eye.