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Monday, July 27, 2009


I have a dozen deep, thought-provoking posts rolling around my head, but today I will stick to something easy and not at all controversial! Here are a few updates from our home:

-Paul's job - He is still at UPS in the VERY early morning. And, he drives the package car (the big brown truck) every Saturday. Tomorrow he will be driving to help deliver Mizzou's season tickets. He has applied at many other places and he may have an interview with Sherwin-Williams this week, they said they would call and set up a time. And, as always, he helps his father with hay several times a week.

- Our diet - With my extreme weakness we had to give up healthy foods almost entirely since mid-May. I was not able to cook traditional/whole foods, and Paul did not care to take the time to. But, after several months of junk foods, hot dogs, frozen pizzas, and hamburger helper, I am craving REAL food! I have already started adding in real foods and healthy fruits for about two weeks (as I have been able), but I intend to get serious about it starting TODAY! I know I am terrible about setting unreasonable goals, but my aim is to eat 75% unprocessed/unrefined foods. It may take a few weeks to work back up to this! I am hopeful... but I will try not to beat myself up if I cannot accomplish this goal within the time frame I am allowing (two weeks).

- My health - I have far more energy than I did one month ago. I am not in any pain... most days. Trouble is, I overdue things a bit. I have taken on cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, sewing, and home repair all too quickly! I am just plumb worn out today! I could hardly hold my head up in church Sunday (no doubt from all the work we did on the porch on Friday). I asked Paul to sit next to me and support my weight... I love my husband! I was too tired to work on the porch Saturday, I don't know when we will get to it again. I think if I could just moderate my activity I would be fine! But, as my frequent readers know, I stink at moderation! If Paul isn't home to moderate me (which he usually isn't) then I overwork! I need to learn to govern myself better... we'll call that a long-term goal!

- Kids/School - I was unable to start school three weeks ago when I had planned to. I was just too tired and weak. I read with them most days. I spell with Rebecca most days. But, nothing is scheduled right now. I have so many teacher friends that LOVE this time of year, and are bubbling with excitement for a new year to begin. Why can't I be that enthusiastic?! I pray for God to make me a better teacher. I pray for more energy! I pray for direction and guidance, yet I still feel like I am a terrible teacher. I know, I know... I am being pessimistic again! I see great improvement in both Rebecca and Nelson. Rebecca is trying to read anything and everything, especially the Bible and the Psalter. She is doing a lot of writing that is always phonetically correct, but not always spelled correctly. She's doing great! I have not doubt that if we can get into a routine soon, that she will no longer be "delayed" in any area! Rebecca is in 2nd grade this year. Nelson will be first grade this year. Lydia will be either pre-K or K-4... they look pretty much the same!

That's all for now. I need a nap!

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Mama Hen said...

Bethany, you are doing just the right thing with schooling your sweet children. Do what you can and instill a love for reading (or at the least the knowledge to do it on their own), give them some basic math skills and you will be amazed at what they will accomplish. They are still so young and they need to be learning by doing and enjoying themselves. People told me this when I was so stressed about my little ones, but I didn't believe them. Now that I have a 6th and 4th grader that I HAVE to evaulate for our umbrella school I wish now I had listened to them. You are doing a great job!