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Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend Warriors - Part 2

Lydia helped pull up old nails.
Here I am loading up our new "toy" from my FIL, a trailer that attaches to our riding mower! That makes hauling old lumber to the burn pile MUCH easier!

My new toy. And, behind it, the view from our front door - gorgeous!


Day One is over... we feel like we got a lot done. Tomorrow we finish pulling out old nails and start laying "new" boards. I should have said before that we are not spending any money on this project. Our landlord purchased the new boards at an auction a few years ago - he is a little slow getting around to things, so we decided to help out!


Steve and Paula said...

Wow! You all will have that place fully spiffed up before you know it!
Maybe you can convince your landlord to get you several cans of spayfoam, so you can block off all the entrances all your "houseguests" use, and you can stop having to worry about snakes and such.
That stuff works wonders in such an easy way.

Kimberly said...

We so can relate to the landlord who doesn't take care of the property issue. While our home is newer than yours, it desparately needs a new roof, new siding, new windows, a bathroom needs flooring, a hood fan for the cook top and around here everyone has fences so it needs a new fence also. He uses as an excuse the fact that he has become the foster/perspective adoptive single Dad to 3 of his cousins grandchildren, a year ago. So he renovated his own home and has let this one go... He's very happy to collect our rent each month, we are getting a little tired of footing his bill. We need to move, but we don't know where to go, it's tough in a big city to find a place that is inexpensive and in good shapre and not too far from Hubby's work. It feels a little like he should be paying us to maintain the yard and house sit for him. Anyway that's my rant, good luck with your project! You are setting a good example for your children to be good stewards!

Bethany W. said...


I know how tough it can be waiting for the landlord to fix the things he has promised to "get to." But, even though I am not so patient myself, I accept that this is just one more way the Lord is refining me! I chaff at it... most of the time, but He has a plan!

Is there any work that your family can offer to help with (without spending your money)? Or, could you arrange to do it yourself and cheapen your rent? Just a thought.

Thanks for trusting me enough to vent to me, hope you don't think I am kicking you while you are down. I mean this for your encouragement, not exhortation.