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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forced Vaccinations?

I want this blog to be all about the love of Jesus Christ, and I try not to veer much into areas that might distract people from the Gospel. But, I have interests that I like to write about on occasion, subjects that are very important to me... and sometimes these subjects overlap with politics. (One such topic I wrote about just a few weeks ago was regarding this article. See my post on July 22, 2009) I do not want this to become a politically charged blog, but as always, I hope my readers will think things through for themselves.

Disclaimer: I do not believe that vaccines are a salvation issue!

I have been getting a lot of emails lately in regards to vaccinations and other personal liberty issues that are being further blurred every day by our courts. (I have written about vaccinations before, start here for Part 1.) I can hardly write about this topic without tears in my eyes, because my own ignorance has caused so much damage (see Part 2 of my vaccine series). My Lydia was on the "autism spectrum," likely to be diagnosed with autism. She went from being a vivacious toddler to being a weak, frail, puddle on the carpet - sleeping 18+ hours a day, no talking, no running, no singing, no playing. Over time, and as I believe, as the first rounds of vaccinations have worn off she has put some weight back on, and she now talks and plays. But, I expect and believe that if she had been given her boosters (as we were encouraged to do in the Spring of 2008) she would have been quickly diagnosed with Autism. Still, who knows what permanent effects are in her body, because I never cared to do research on the issue - even when warned by friends.

Now, the issue becomes of importance to me again, because I may/will likely have another hospital birth this coming December. I want to homebirth, because it is the only way to know FOR SURE that baby will not be vaxed for Hep B within 18 hours of exiting the womb. In theory, I can write in my birth plan that I will not be getting Baby vaxed. In theory, I still have a choice in the state of MO. But, videos like this one get me awfully concerned.

And, you may remember the court ordered vaccines in Maryland, for public school students.

But, what about H1N1, Swine Flu? Did you know that the military is prepared to take care of a potential "pandemic" of swine flu this winter. When this Fox News video was taken, there were already 20 million doses of swine flu vaccine already prepared... though the safety of these has not been time tested. And, even though the test has not yet passed its safety trials, pregnant women are to be among the first to receive it! Swine Flu vaccines should be ready in October... will they be mandatory? Will we all be forced to receive this vaccine?

In response to the swine flue "epidemic", Massachusetts has unanimously passed a bill to force vaccines on that state's citizens. There is a huge penalty if people refuse to participate. AND, there is "immunity" for health care workers as they deal with those who attempt to refuse the vaccine. Watch this video to confirm all those statements I just made about the state of MA.

Another educational video is this one on MSNBC interviewing Robert F Kennedy Jr. who wrote an article called "Deadly Immunity." He talks about how the Autism rates went up in 1989, when the CDC changed the guidelines to include far more vaccines in the early years. You can read Kennedy's article "Deadly Immunity" by finding it on this web page (scroll down till you see the title in the sidebar).

One last video is called How Mercury Kills the Brain... a must see!

This is not just an issue for a few people with "conspiracy theories," though those do exist. Nor is it a party-lines issue. It is a child safety issue. I highly urge all parents and may-some-day-be parents to research this issue. And, as you are reading contrary reports, consider the motives. Who is out to make money? (Vaccine-making companies, CDC employees, doctors, and more) Who may just be trying to make a name for themselves? (End times preachers? Doctors, and more) Pray for wisdom and search this issue out on your own.

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Tracy said...

I'm a health care worker who will not be getting the swine flu vaccination. I won't get one until it is proven safe which could take years. I will not give my children any new vaccations until they are proven either. My daughter is at the age soon to get the cervial cancer one. She will not be getting it after the research I've done! It's just scary. Hopefully we will have our rights to refuse.

Steve and Paula said...

These issues should never be kept seperate from Spritual things.
God created us in HIS image, and we should be caring for our bodies the way he intended.

If you do have the baby in the hospital, just make sure that the baby is never out of yours or Paul's sight at all times.
This can ensure that certain things are not done "by accident".
Birth plans are actually a bit of a farce. They make youthink that you are in control, but in actuallity, they can, will and do over ride the plans written out by mothers.
I have read one to many stories about the staff saying, oh, we need to weigh the baby down the hall, and then baby comes back with a whole variety of things done to them.
The general "crunchy" advise is, do not sign anything that is shoved at you while in labor.
THey use that time to get a mother to sign all kinds of things that would give a person not in labor, pause.

I love the idea that was presented recently on Mothering....do not go in till you are almost pushing! Then they do not have time to get signatures!

THe Hep B is so much nonsense! The studies were done in 3rd world countries. And why in the world would you inject an infant with womething that "may" protect them from an STD?

Thanks for helping keep the truth alive in regards to our freedoms.

ps, I have a stack of natural resources for reversing vaccine damage, if you want them :o)

Ruby said...

Things are much the same way here.
I am interested in the link between vaccines and autism as it is a conditiion which is becoming so common now. I guess it was around when we were kids but not labelled. Now a LOT of kids have this. I hope Lydia fully recovers and is back to speed soon.
Have a great week all.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all on the vaccine issue. We've been asked repeatedly about the chicken pox vaccine at visits, I always say "no". I will not allow my daughter to have the cervical cancer one either, nor will they or I received the h1n1 or any other flu vaccine. It is such a farce. I've read about this forced vaccine thing too and it just gets my blood boiling! We have a friend who has children that had ferveral seizures as young children, last year she had two of them in at the Dr. one received a Dpt booster and was so sick, she actually fainted during youth group, the second daugh. didn't receive the shot. We should still be given our right to refuse due to religion, but who knows, that doesn't seem to mean anything anymore.
I agree with never letting the babe out of your sight, with my fifth child I had a tear and lost alot of blood, the nurse got stinkin' mad at me when I wouldn't let her take my baby out to give her a bath, I knew she could do it right in my room, having had the other children at the same hospital; I told her that I couldn't go with her and there was no way I was going to miss that moment! She whined through the whole thing, but I got to see my baby get her first bath and she was immediately given back to me!
And my boys were preemie (twins) and lots went on when I wasn't there, they were in NICU for 13 days, the only thing going for them was that since they were so small they couldn't give the the vax. It's good to be informed and good to be forward, to many people are just "whatever" and it's taken advantage of.

Fine Linen said...

My youngest child was given the Hep B without permission. Due to some issues after birth had to be taken away and tested. While there after his bath, they supposedly couldn't find his chart. Well on the chart of course is a huge orange sticker refusing the Hep B. Since they couldn't find the chart, they gave it to him anyway. I was woke up by a nurse telling she was "sorry" but they couldn't find, and the chart. And once they found it realized they had made a mistake.

Hence...why I, Lord willing, don't ever want to deliver again in a hospital.

Blessings, Fine Linen

Bethany W. said...

I admire your courage to say "no" when all those in the health care field are led like lambs to syringes. I have heard of some having their jobs threatened over the normal flu vaccine... will it come to this for you?

1- You are absolutely right that our bodies are a spiritual issue.
2- Paul read your comment about "accidental" vaccinations before I did, and he was concerned. We were both thinking, "Does that really happen?" Then we read the comment by Fine Linen below... ugh.
Tonight I am going over to my new Amish friends' home tonight (for them to meet Paul and the kids), and I will ask for more specifics about their midwife! As you know, it was never my desire (or Paul's) to do a hospital birth... But, I thought maybe it was to be God's provision in case I have to have an emergency procedure. Two months ago, it honestly looked like/felt like I would not be able to deliver this baby naturally as I have the others. But, I am feeling stronger now. We are open to God's leading!

If I have a hospital birth, and I am really concerned now about that option, I will keep baby in my room! Thanks for your thoughts.

Fine Linen,
Paul and I were happily naive thinking that a birth plan was enough, but you and Paula have dashed that theory! Thank you for telling me your story, so that I can be more informed. (Have you thought of writing this on your own blog?) I think these comments are making me and Paul more sure of what we need to do. But, somehow I don't think the midwife offers a payment plan...

Thank you all for your comments!