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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a Day!

I had quite an eventful day yesterday. I don't believe in "coincidence," I believe that God orders all things. So, when my MIL called first thing in the morning to see if I would take an Amish lady to Versailles, I agreed with all eagerness. Paul and I still daydream of living off the land (someday), and we want to learn all we can from those who are already self-sufficient.

I went to a produce auction and the Dutch Foods store, before coming back home. I will not bore you with all those details. On the way home from the auction the husband and wife were both riding with me, and a daughter as well. We did quite a bit of talking, and I learned a lot.

But, this is the exciting part, they are willing to have me over to their home and teach me things, and share recipes with me! All the folks I met y-day were so kind and open with me. I met about 5 families, and they all seemed eager to take me under wing. They know that I have no desire to be Amish. They know that we just want to live a simple life. But, still, they are willing to teach me anything I ask! In fact, the husband (who is old enough to be my father, yet has children as young as mine!) happily agreed to teach me to render lard! He told me the basics, but I need to see it to thoroughly understand.

And, the husband said that their Amish midwife would assist my birth, so long as I do some name-dropping. When I told Paul about the midwife he was as eager as I am! I don't know if we will follow through with this offer, because I do not know how much this service costs. But, it is so kind of them to offer the help of the community to me!

I do not know what will come of these new connections. only time will tell. But, I thank God for the opportunity to meet people who know so much about living off the land.


Steve and Paula said...

You are going to be mightily blessed in your time with these people!!
I got to spend time with an old order Mennonite family near Versailles, and I so enjoyed it.
The home was quiet and simple.

Mama Hen said...

I would love to do that sometime. I would love to just go spend maybe a month with a family and learn all I can from them. That's wonderful news.

How is your husband feeling?

Anonymous said...

Very nice, best of all you've made some knew friends!

Bethany W. said...

Mama Hen,

Thanks for your concern about Paul! He is feeling much better! So, it must have been a torn muscle. A few days off seemed to help! He is lifting boxes and tires again.