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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Collecting Walnuts

Today was the first day to take walnuts into sell (in my corner of the world, anyway). Paul waited an hour, but saw that it would be another couple of hours until his turn came around. So, he had no choice but to leave. This is our first year to gather walnuts. This economy has a lot of folks collecting walnuts that never have before. Unfortunately, this will drive the price down even more : (

But, on the bright side... the walnuts will keep until we can go back next week. I can gather more before then. And, Paul was able to "borrow" enough gas from our lawn-mower's gas can that he can make it back and forth to work till payday.

Now, Here are some lovely pictures.

All my big helpers.
Lydia puts walnuts into her bucket.

Paul unloads the smaller cans into the large barrel

I started the day by bending and gathering... big mistake! I am very sore now!

Lydia dumps her bucket into the larger can.

My valiant little helpers.

Nelson gathers walnuts.

At the end I was so tired that I sat on the ground and gathered the nuts around me.

Paul worked non-stop! And, on his day off Sears too!

Cat pictures

Just for fun... while I am waiting to see if we made any money from collecting walnuts today.

This is Rose.
She is the cat that miraculously lived after getting run over.

This one is from our newest batch of kittens.
I should have name this one "Trouble!"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Frustration = Sanctification

Reposted 11-25-2011

I am feeling VERY frustrated... but I am trying to realize that God means all trials for my good... God is working to sanctify me.

So, you are all wondering, "what happened now?" Well, my fridge is not working! My fancy- schmancy- enormous- side- by- side- Maytag fridge that we bought for $75 from my BIL is not working right! Over the past month we have turned up the thermostat on it to the coldest setting. Over the past month the milk has felt warmer and warmer. Then, this week the meat drawer started reading 46-49 degrees (Fahrenheit). Now, the ice in the freezer is melting and all my groceries are just cooler than room temperature.


I have moved everything I can into freezer bags and put it in the deep freezer. Praise God that we had the nearly empty deep freezer! And, the rest of the food... well, maybe with more room for the cold air to circulate it can hold out until.... when? I can't call a repair man! And, Paul's Sears Associate discount isn't good enough to buy a new fridge (even the cheapest, plainest model they have! With his discount we could maybe afford a dorm room fridge!)

I think I may scream. But, instead I will try to do something productive... like cook all the food in the fridge... and give it away?


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Attic is Finished!

The clothes have all been sorted and re-packed! Ready to go up to the attic!

I wish that I had a picture with all that I did y-day as well... just to make me feel even more productive! Paul took some clothing up y-day, this is only the remainder! (The little Wal-Mart bags are filled with "strays" that were in the wrong totes before, and Paul will find their appropriate home in the attic).

I love my husband! He is so good to me!

Fall Cleaning

It was about 2 months ago when Paul urged me to clean the attic. His main reason for wanting a clean attic was to get rid of cardboard boxes that are breeding grounds for Brown Recluse Spiders (very poisonous and potentially lethal). I got started on the attic cleaning project, but quickly lost steam - the story of my life! Anyway, there was only so much I could do without going up to the attic myself, and there is NO WAY I am going up in the attic... ever. So, I was at the mercy of Paul to bring boxes down for me to sort through.

My bedroom this morning:

Well, he brought down loads of clothing in boxes and bags and my living room and bedroom are filled with every size clothes for both genders from birth to 12! I think that (if you have a roomy attic or basement) saving clothes as hand-me-downs is good stewardship! So, we keep everything, even the junk that is only suitable for outdoor play! I spent a few hours sorting and re-packing yesterday. I have already spent a few hours sorting this morning.

Sorting girl clothes:

I was very happy to find the baby boy clothes, since I am due in December! I have a good supply of 0-9 month sizes, I should not need to buy anything except for cloth diapers!

I was also happy to find a box of clothes for Lydia. There were two "church" dresses and one every day jumper. She has oodles of long sleeve shirts. I think if I can find a few jumpers or skirts at a thrift store she will be set!

Joshua has plenty of clothes for winter, so long as he stays a 2T for a while longer. I have not found the 3T box yet...

So, we have made some excellent progress! I am so pleased that Paul volunteered to bring stuff down, without me even asking!

I am still hoping and praying (literally) that we will be able to move out of this house soon and closer to Paul's jobs in Columbia. I am happy that with these clothing boxes packed we are ready to unload the attic into a moving truck. I am still praying for a miracle! Paul and I really, really want to be out of the house before the cold weather kicks in. Please do not think me double-minded on this issue. I know it seems like I go back and forth. But, what you are reading is my true desire to want to move AND my true desire to be content should we NOT move. I know that it is unlikely that we will move before Spring (tax return time), but I will not stop praying to that end. And, should God leave us here for another year or more (Egad!), I will keep praying for contentment!

I know that my last several posts have been very emotional, and not very spiritual. But, I will not claim to be a person who is able to "think on things above" all day, every day! I wish that I could! But, often I am consumed by the cares of this world. And, maybe it will help someone else out there reading my blog to know that there are a few normal, struggling moms out there... moms who do not have it all together... cannot afford decent housing... and often have to repent before the Lord for envy, covetousness, worry, and more! Praise God for His forgiveness for my bad days!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eye Doctor

I took the two big kids to the eye doctor this afternoon.

I am getting new glasses with the same prescription.

Rebecca is far sighted and needs glasses for around the house... especially for reading.

Nelson is the big shocker! He is nearly blind in one eye! He has 20/400 vision in his left eye, AND astigmatism. He has been nearly blind for so long that his eye has become lazy. So, we have to put a patch on him 3 times a day for three months and see if the condition improves. (That, in addition to his new glasses).

I will take pics when we get the new glasses!

I praise God for technology that improves vision!

More on the Swine Flu Vaccine

Go watch the videos and read the information on this link!

It is VERY informative. Do not say you do not have the time. You cannot afford NOT to watch these videos.

Key points from the video, just to whet your appetite:
- the swine flu vaccine has been "fast-tracked," meaning it is NOT thoroughly tested
- the safety tests that are done are being done only by the pharmaceutical companies themselves, in secret
- the safety tests that are being done are prior to adding the most dangerous ingredients (like the squalene)
- the numbers of potential cases and deaths by swine flu are HIGHLY inflated by the government, pharmaceutical companies, and media (to cause fear and panic and sell more vaccines?)
- Vitamin D3 is more efficient at preventing flu than vaccines

Please, Please go watch the videos. The safety of you and your children is at risk for years to come!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Snake Pictures

Navigate away if you do not want to see the snake that came to visit today.
At least this one is outside!
The view we see from inside the house.
Below: The view outside.
He is right outside of my living room window.
He is easily five feet long.
I am pretty certain this is a black rat snake. His underside is yellowish/whitish. My favorite Missouri snake site, the Missouri Department of Conservation's snake page, says that Black Rat snakes are known for their tree climbing ability.

Below: His head
I am glad that with all our cool nights that our snake population is moving closer to the house. (Yes, I meant to say that) The mice have been moving back into the attic this past week, and I count on these big snakes to rid us of some of the meddling rodent population! As I have said before, I would rather have snakes around than mice (though I do not want either inside the house!)

Fun Picture

My parents came for a visit last week.
The highlight of the visit?

My Dad's first time operating a riding lawn mower!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Paid for a Haircut

Believe it or not... I actually paid to have my hair cut today. Better?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home School Legal Defense Opposes Health Bill 3200

Home School Legal Defense (HSLDA) is opposed to the US House of Representatives Health Care Bill 3200.

Read their "talking points" here. Among other things, this bill allows for government workers to come into our homes and supervise our child rearing. YIKES! Go, call your representative or send him/her and email!

New Printer

Praise Report!

We got a new printer yesterday with Paul's birthday money (he turned 34 on Monday).
We bought a Lexmark 4650 all-in-one, because it had wonderful reviews at Amazon! And, we bought it at KMart, so Paul got a 10% employee discount (Sears owns KMart).

...Now, it is up to me to get the thing hooked up and hardware loaded. I usually let Paul do those kinds of things, but if I wait for him... well, I'm not sure when he would have time to get to it. He trusts me not to damage it too much while installing it ; ) Hopefully it will turn out better than last week's haircut (which I still have not gotten fixed)!

UPDATE LATER the same morning: I installed the printer. It had VERY easy directions to follow! I have already used the printer to get ready for school this afternoon! It prints SO fast compared to my old printer - WOW! Praise God for this blessing to my family and school!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Letters to my kids

I had a great idea for how to give my kids a practical reading lesson! I mailed them each a letter!
here is what I wrote to Rebecca, and she was able to read it! (I wrote the return address as Mommy W____)

To Rebecca,

I love you. You are a good girl. You are a good worker! You are a big helper!
You are kind. You love Mom and Dad. You love Lydia, Joshua, and Nelson. You are a good sister.
I love you!

With Love,
From Mommy
I hope that no matter what age your kids are (even if they are quite grown with their own kids!) that you might consider writing them a letter this week to let them know how special they are!

Friday, September 11, 2009

More Practical Homeschool Tips

I can't remember if I have shared these ideas before...

- for seemingly endless letter tracing and pre-writing, make one copy of each letter/number and place inside a three ring binder inside of plastic covering. My kids love using dry erase markers in these binders! Easy clean up, and less paper wasted!

- we buy binders in bulk at Sam's. And, when I print a book off the internet I place it is plastic sheets and put it in a binder. We will have all the books printed then, for the younger ones coming along later

Practical Homeschool Ideas

I am only a beginner when it comes to homeschooling. My oldest is in 2nd grade. But, this gives me the advantage of knowing what kinds of ideas may be helpful for other new homeschoolers. If you have been schooling for several years, I probably do not have anything to offer you... in fact, you can share some of your know-how with me! But, if you are a new homeschool parent, or hope to some day be a homeschool parent, I hope to help you out with these few practical ideas.

- Play board games with your little ones as soon as they are able to hold the little pieces without being tempted to chew on them. Candy Land, teaches simple life lessons like taking turns, and being a good winner or a good loser. Memory is another excellent game for kiddos!

-Play UNO with preschool aged kids. You can begin by matching colors or numbers only to make this game simpler. I was surprised at how well my kids learned their numbers and colors this way!

- Play dominos with little ones (who will not chew on/choke on the pieces). Matching numbers is good for little ones. And, as they grow older you can vary the rules to include addition and subtraction games.

- Cook with your little ones. Not only with this teach you great patience, but it will be basic math!

- In terms of actual school lessons (you know, the kind you do sitting at a table), do not feel like you have to do every subject every day! It is very important to be consistent with math and phonics/reading. BUT, most other subjects can be done every other day to lesson your load (Especially if you are like me with soon to be 5 little ones age 7 and under).

- Read, read, read! We were reading to my oldest when she was less than one. She developed an amazing vocabulary very early! As the kids age, I move away from Dr Seuss and such, to more advanced books. I prefer non-fiction books about reptiles, bugs, animals, oceans, body parts, etc. Just this week, we read a book about how the body heals from a skinned knee. The older kids really enjoy these kinds of books! I think that our reading with them from an early age, more than any other thing, is the reason for their desire to learn more. My kids want to learn new things. They want to read books (or have them read to them) to learn about new ideas or objects. Even when a homeschool mom is sick/disabled she can read to her kids! And, this is not to be under-rated!

- When they ask any question about something like "what is a star?", or show interest in a particular topic, I go to the library right away! We strike while the iron is hot!

- We set Friday apart as our arts and crafts day, because -frankly, I cannot deal with that kind of mess daily. So, we do Play Doh on Friday. One of my friends paints with her kids every Friday. Bigger kids can play with glue, glitter, and scissors. It is fun to have one special day to look forward to! Vinyl table cloths are great for paint days. And, you can likely find cheap mens' button-up shirts (at a thrift store) to put on kids backwards while they make messes.

I write these simple ideas to show that homeschooling can start early and easily. It does not have to start with a curriculum and a planner! You can start small and add things as you go along! It has taken me far to long to realize this!

What ideas can you share with me? I encourage you to write me a comment, or write your own post and add the link to my comments. I really mean for this post to be a great resource to new homeschool moms, or someday-hope-to-be homeschool moms! I look forward to hearing for you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lessons in Lizards

One of the best purchases we have ever made for our homeschool was the book The Encyclopedia of North American Animals, by Bryan Richard. We get this book out weekly to identify some varmint we find near the house. The kids are happy to sit and look at the book for many minutes at a time! (If I read it to them, they will listen for up to an hour!)

I grew up in central Illinois, and never saw any lizards. When we moved to Missouri last summer, I was surprised to see a variety of lizards. The hard thing is differentiating these colorful little critters. We have a Red Bud tree behind our house that has several big holes in it that these lizards live in.

This morning I got this picture of what I think is a Six-Lined Racerunner. He is about 6 inches long (including the tail).

I am pretty sure that in this same Red Bud tree there is a family of Broad Headed Skinks. These two species look nothing alike, as the skink is larger and fatter, with no stripes. But, Mr Skink is too shy to have his picture taken! The supposed skink is fat and about 9 inches long (including tail). As I looked in my book this morning, I see there is a striped skink called a Southeastern Five-Lined Skink, which looks similar to my picture above. But, the map in my handy book says that the Southeastern Skink should not be in mid- MO. (But, I know that these maps are often imperfect)

These are the fun homeschooling lessons we have in our home on a regular basis! I love being a homeschool mom! You can go out and chase lizards and call it a school project!

Other info about our lizard(s):
-The babies are shiny blue, cute little fast things! The kittens climb the red Bud tree and bring back specimen for us to examine closely. Both the skink and the racerunner have blue juveniles.

-All the lizards spend most of the days on the tree trunk catching insects. HOWEVER, the birds that nest in that tree sadly find their eggs missing, and/or their nestlings eaten (we think the big skink is responsible for lessening our bird population)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Update

This school update is to mark our own progress and encourage my readers who want to learn what homeschooling looks like.

Aside from my illness last week, we have been in school regularly for about three weeks. We are settling into a nice routine. At first, I tried to do school in the morning, with Joshua at the table. But, I was not/am not capable of dividing my attention between all four children. And, the big kids were VERY distracted by the little ones. So, I experimented with doing school during Joshua's nap time (which is from about 12:30- 4:30) and that works VERY well! I keep Lydia at the table with the big kids for about an hour. In that time she does pre-writing worksheets and puzzles. She also likes pattern blocks and the geoboard. She sits quietly while the kids work on other subjects. I put her down to nap between 1:30 and 2:00.

Nelson and Rebecca are both in Saxon 1 Math. Rebecca seems bored, because she has done part of this program before. This time through she can read the worksheet directions for herself (a BIG breakthrough) and she would say she "loves" math. Nelson understands all the concepts within Saxon 1 so far. He is not writing all of his letters and numbers yet, but I will not push him in this. He practices handwriting daily, but his fine motor skills are simply not ready to write yet. I am perfectly ok with that! I know that he understands the concepts, and to me, that is the important thing. The writing will come in time!
I find a lot of extra math worksheets from Donna Young. With these worksheets I reinforce money concepts, clock reading, and more. Rebecca also learns a lot from playing cash register. I place price tags on school items and she buys them with play money.

Rebecca and Nelson are both in the Veritas Press Phonics Museum First Grade Book. I have said before that I do not like using VP's Phonic's Museum exclusively. I want to explain that more. At the kindergarten level, Rebecca loved the worksheets (as did I). And, she was very eager to begin reading primers! BUT, to read the primers you have to start memorizing some site words, the curriculum calls these "special exhibit words" (they are straight from the dolce words list of most commonly used/read words). Anyway, I love phonics, Becca was doing great with phonics, but this attempt to memorize whole words REALLY threw her off! She was never sure when to sound out a word, and when to try to guess at what it was.
I do, however, like the worksheets. But, I do not recommend buying the whole $190 kit for the worksheets! Wal-Mart sells books to reinforce phonics and writing, and they cost a whole lot less!
Anyway, I have the program, and I am trying to get my money's worth. So, we do the fun worksheets. Nelson likes these worksheets too. And, I find that the lesson progression goes along great with Ramalda Spaulding's Writing Road to Reading. I teach the kids phonics her way, and I use the VP Phonics worksheets as a supplement. I find that using both of these curriculums together has been great for us! Nelson and Rebecca are both doing very well with the first grade level lessons. As I dictate words, Rebecca writes them out and Nelson "puzzles" them out, using the VP Phonics puzzle pieces.

Rebecca is speeding along nicely in her cursive writing. She is learning a few letters a week, and practicing them till her hand hurts. I also write on the board to have her "decode" cursive. She seems to read it just as well as she writes it.

Lydia is doing so VERY well with pre-writing, that I think she is ready to begin kindergarten phonics and handwriting. (I get Lydia's pre-writing help and Rebecca's cursive worksheets from Donna Young) Her hand control is very steady and smooth. I think I will get the VP Phonics Museum K level workbook for her to practice writing letters and do some fun worksheets. I will NOT have Lydia memorize words to attempt to read one of the VP primers. When she knows enough phonic groupings to sound out the memorized words, THEN we will look at the books.... but at that point, she will be ready for real books.

Rebecca has been reading the Bible to us. At each family worship session, she reads one verse. She can sound out even long, hard words (last night, she sounded out "rejected" and "Bethlemhemite"!) Often in school, I will write phrases from the Psalter on the board and have her read those. While she can sound out the words and read these items, she cannot always understand what she has read. I think that is normal, and I am not at all concerned. This will all come together in time!

We are doing a few different geographical and historical studies (these often overlap). I am reading to them a True Relation by John Smith. Another book we are reading is called The Men Who Found America. And, I found a gem of a book called Home Geography, and we love the lessons in that book. I found all of these free book on the Old Fashioned Education website, which I love.

My only struggle with homeschooling, at this point, is that my printer/copier broke two weeks ago! We cannot afford to fix it, and I cannot afford to buy a new one. I am trying to make needed copies at the library, but I cannot print my free books off there, it would cost a fortune! So, we are at a standstill with John Smith, until I can get more printed (just when he was surrounded/ ambushed by 200 Indians, and all his men were dead!) Also, I rely on the printer to print off my weekly schedule (Donna Young has a lot of planner patterns to choose from!) I have GOT to get a new printer/copier soon! I am writing things sloppily in a notebook for now, but I much prefer to have a pretty planner, should I ever need it for proof of schooling.

I started reading the kids the Laura Ingalls' books this week. I read these to them in the morning, while Joshua and Lydia play quietly on the floor. So, I guess we do "do" school in the morning, just not at the table. Also, I have morning devotions with them daily. We are reading through the Gospel of John right now. And, I am having them memorize Psalm 3 from the Psalter. We are always memorizing Scripture verses and other songs as well.

I truly am not trying to paint a perfect portrait of our school session. Most of my readers know that I write things "as is," perhaps to a fault! School is going very well for now, and I hope that we are able to stay on track for some time!

(I am posting this at scheduled school time, but I already had it in draft form. Also, Paul is home today, and that throws a wrench in the schedule. AND, I need to copy my worksheets! Hopefully I can get to the library this afternoon!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Guest, Mr. Turtle

Look who came for a visit this afternoon! It is on my back porch... perhaps eyeing the kittens.
I am pretty sure that he is some form of snapper. I took the picture of his tail, to help me distinguish if he is a common snapper or alligator snapper. (I don't care to have either on my porch... maybe the dog will shew it away)

It's rear end has triangle cut-aways. It has a very long tail! The tail seems to be somewhat ridged. I think it is a common snapper, because it has a somewhat "saw toothed" tail, and because it does not have dinosaur-like bumps on his back. But, its mouth is kind of hooked... What do you think? I didn't want to get close enough to measure it, but it is easily 12 inches long, without adding that massive tail.

More Vaccination Articles

As I research for my own pleasure/need to know, I will pass on the best articles I find to my readers. And, again, vaccines are not a salvation issue, you can be a Christian and vaccinate your kids. We all need to remember that our kids are given to us by God - they are, in essence, His. We need to do what we can to keep them healthy and safe. This involves (among other things) the foods we feed them and the drugs we give them. We need to research the safety of all products to make sure that we are being good stewards of the children that God has given us. And, if you research and come to different understandings, I respect your decision. But, if you simply refuse to consider the possibility that vaccines may not be safe, without researching it for yourself (and looking to any source other than the CDC and the companies who profit from these drugs) then I cannot respect that. And, just so you know, I have read many articles on the CDC page, and I do read the pamphlets at the health department. I want to be informed on both sides of the issue.

That said, I found a few more articles regarding mercury in vaccines that are intriguing. I think these articles are interesting, because they are reviews written by a third party. They are well documented and very educational. I hope you will make time to read them, or bookmark them for later.

The first article is a review of a statement/article by Autism Speaks. The original article by Autism Speaks states that there may be a group of people more susceptible to autism than others, and that research needs to be done to determine this susceptible group. The reviewer from FAME takes this one step farther and says that autism is mercury poisoning, and everyone is susceptible.

Then, there is another review by FAME, which addresses a CDC publication, pointing out flaws and misrepresentations that were made. It is a longer article, but a good read. And, if I understood correctly, one passage implies that (hear the sarcasm here) the mercury levels in vaccines given to infants may be safe as long as they are administered to a 276 pound individual. (Sarcasm ends)

I was thinking yesterday about how peanut allergies (tree nut allergies) have increased so much since I was a child. As a kid, I did not know anyone with a nut allergy, but now it seems that all my friends have kids with nut allergies. I was thinking... could there be a link between nut allergies and vaccines? Here is one article I found which says that there IS a link between vaxing and nut allergies. I have strong emotions about this new idea to create a peanut allergy vaccine! In my understanding this may be a bit counter-productive. (Because in general, vaccine hurt our immunity, not help it. And, that is, in my humble opinion why there are so many autoimmune diseases).

Remember how I mentioned in Vaccination Part 2 that I had my first asthma attack after receiving a MMR and Tetanus shot for seminary? Well, I found a whole list of links today that correlates asthma with vaccines. In fact, they make this statement:
Vaccination (not forgetting other drugs such as antibiotics 1,2 and Paracetamol 1) is the main cause of asthma.
I also mentioned in Vaccination Part 2 that both my boys developed severe eczema after vaccines. Nelson's condition worsened with each routine booster. Joshua's eczema has improved a lot since we have not gotten any of his boosters since he was two months old. Is there a link between vaccines and eczema? YES - even the CDC advises that children with preexisting eczema or in families with eczema to avoid the smallpox vaccine (they do not admit to any other vaccine causing eczema).

Here is another CDC link regarding a condition known as "eczema vaccinatum," caused by the smallpox vaccine. My Joshua looked something like the top picture in the previous link, when I took him to the doctor to be diagnosed with eczema the week following his shots. I had never seen eczema in such a severe state, and I could not even recognize it myself (even though, as I mentioned, Nelson and I both have the condition ourselves). Yet, I cannot find an article on the CDC site that links eczema with vaccinations other than smallpox. (But, common sense tells me otherwise)

I did find this CDC list of what conditions should keep a person from vaccinating, and what vaccine(s) they should not receive. If you vax yourself and/or your kids, make sure you know this list well! (Includes pregnancy, allergy to aspirin, and much more).

May the Lord give us all wisdom as we seek to raise our children!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Making a Lunch for Hubby

I know that for most of my readers this post will be rather remedial, but when I was a new wife I knew none of the practical aspects of loving my husband.

Tips for preparing a lunch for your Husband:

The night before:
- Set his little igloo on the counter
- If he eats potato chips, bag them up in a little ziplock
- Cut up your produce and put it in a plastic container or ziplock bag. (Paul eats apples, green peppers, carrots, and celery regularly) Set these in the fridge in a visible place.
- Put any dipping sauce (for the veggies) in a tiny plastic container. Put these in the fridge beside the veggies/fruit.
- Cut up lettuce for a salad, and place it in a serving sized container
- Put some salad dressing in a tiny container and set it next to the lettuce in the fridge
- If he is a hard-working-blue-collar-man, make his Gatorade and set it in the fridge.
- Make sure there is bottled water in the fridge (or Coke, if that is his thing)
- If you made chicken salad (or some meat salad), set a small portion aside in a plastic container to be set in his little igloo tomorrow morning
- If you are making chicken salad put his bread in plastic containers or ziplocks (because if you make the sandwich early, even in the morning, it will make the bread soggy)
- If he is eating leftovers, set a portion aside after dinner, or now
- Set out a plate to reheat food, or a bowl for soup
- Don't forget the fork/spoon if necessary
- He may want a napkin/serviette, does he need wet wipes too?
- Set some gum out, especially if you gave him an onion product
- ask in advance what kind of sandwich he wants, and what kind of condiments he wants on it
- on taco leftover days, I pack a small container of hot sauce

The morning of:
- Set all of the pre-made, pre-cut foods, and the drinks on the counter
- If he is eating a sandwich (PBJ, lunchmeat, etc) make it in the morning, so the bread does not get soggy
- Double check to make sure you got everything
- optional: Write a happy note saying you appreciate his hard work
- The hardest part of all: force it all into the little igloo without squishing the chips and bruising the apples

It seems easy to me now, but for years I neglected this practical showing of love for my husband. Once I got into the routine, it was not so hard! You can do it too! Your husband will feel loved, and you will not have to spend so much money on fast food/take out.

What tips can you add? I want to learn from all you home-making experts! I know I still have a lot of growing to do!

Swine Flu Vaccine Problems

I have had another vaccination post in my saved box for days, waiting to be proof read... but then, Paul called me this morning to tell me about new reports about the Swine Flu Vaccine and problems with the central nervous system.

Be sure to read this article! Here are the key points, they had them in bold print (this size!, I cut and pasted it). This is speaking of the US swine flu epidemic, and its relation to Guillain-Barre Syndrome (an autoimmune disorder), in 1976:
  • More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu.
  • 500 cases of GBS were detected.
  • The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.
  • The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.
  • The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.
Vaccination is always a sensitive topic. So, to help combat lunatics who say the vaccines cause autism or that the program is a front for Obama's secret socialist re-education camps (I've already said too much...), the Center for Disease Control has set aside $4.8 million for a multimedia campaign to educate the public about vaccination. The campaign will use Twitter and podcasts, in addition to print, radio and television ads, to remind the public to get both the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines.
Who says I don't give you both sides of the issue? Hee, hee, hee

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nelson's pretend buggy ride

I thought you would all enjoy this video of Nelson.