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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Attic is Finished!

The clothes have all been sorted and re-packed! Ready to go up to the attic!

I wish that I had a picture with all that I did y-day as well... just to make me feel even more productive! Paul took some clothing up y-day, this is only the remainder! (The little Wal-Mart bags are filled with "strays" that were in the wrong totes before, and Paul will find their appropriate home in the attic).

I love my husband! He is so good to me!


The Pilgrim Pundit said...

Hi Bethany and Paul,
Glad to be back and catchin' up on things. It is good to 'see' you again! We have been doing the same kind of cleaning here as we prepare for a couple children to get more involved in education this year.
Seems like it is a never ending process!

Ruby said...

Great job, very satisfying Bethany!
I am amazed your house is so old and run down as it always looks lovely in posts. The scenery is always great too.

Anonymous said...

Good work -- that's always a big job. I don't like our attic either (you have to climb a ladder) and am happy to have a hubby who will go up there for me. :0) Have a blessed day!

Lisa in ND

Tan said...

Hi Bethany, just catching up on your last couple of posts, sorry to hear about the incident with your boy. This evening driving my 12 yo daughter home from swim training, I was talking about how I was allocating her a sum of money (I have a redundancy package coming my way next week) to decorate her room. Immediately she asked for DOUBLE the $ I had offered!. I was gutted, Ive tried so hard to instill gratefulness in her heart and I didnt think she was a greedy girl by nature, but there you go. She apologised later and said sorry and it's all good, but kids, heh, they just floor me sometimes.
COngratulations on the cleaning up, it's such a satisfying feeling. Ill be praying for you this week over leaving/staying in your house, I guess you could do without that heavy winter power bill.

Bethany W. said...

So glad you are back!

You are too kind! I try to conceal the worst of the house in the pictures!