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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Collecting Walnuts

Today was the first day to take walnuts into sell (in my corner of the world, anyway). Paul waited an hour, but saw that it would be another couple of hours until his turn came around. So, he had no choice but to leave. This is our first year to gather walnuts. This economy has a lot of folks collecting walnuts that never have before. Unfortunately, this will drive the price down even more : (

But, on the bright side... the walnuts will keep until we can go back next week. I can gather more before then. And, Paul was able to "borrow" enough gas from our lawn-mower's gas can that he can make it back and forth to work till payday.

Now, Here are some lovely pictures.

All my big helpers.
Lydia puts walnuts into her bucket.

Paul unloads the smaller cans into the large barrel

I started the day by bending and gathering... big mistake! I am very sore now!

Lydia dumps her bucket into the larger can.

My valiant little helpers.

Nelson gathers walnuts.

At the end I was so tired that I sat on the ground and gathered the nuts around me.

Paul worked non-stop! And, on his day off Sears too!


Transformed from glory to glory said...

He promises to take care of the needs of His precious children. What a season this must be for you and your family. "The Lord prunes those that He loves." Hugs from Uganda.

Transformed from glory to glory said...

The Lord gave me this for you tonight (it is night time here)...

Be rooted and grounded near the streams of living water. And although it seems the "world" around you is "dying", you will remain alive as you are planted in Christ!

Bethany W. said...


Thank you. You do not know how much I need this encouragement today! The kids and I have memorized and sing Psalm 1 all the time... and I think about being a tree near the water... what does that look like?
Good thoughts to ponder!


Transformed from glory to glory said...

A tree that is rooted near the streams of living water is flourishing, even if everything all around it is not. It's "leaves" do not wither and prosper no matter the season. Keep your eyes on Jesus my friend. Stay rooted in Him and Him alone!