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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Cleaning

It was about 2 months ago when Paul urged me to clean the attic. His main reason for wanting a clean attic was to get rid of cardboard boxes that are breeding grounds for Brown Recluse Spiders (very poisonous and potentially lethal). I got started on the attic cleaning project, but quickly lost steam - the story of my life! Anyway, there was only so much I could do without going up to the attic myself, and there is NO WAY I am going up in the attic... ever. So, I was at the mercy of Paul to bring boxes down for me to sort through.

My bedroom this morning:

Well, he brought down loads of clothing in boxes and bags and my living room and bedroom are filled with every size clothes for both genders from birth to 12! I think that (if you have a roomy attic or basement) saving clothes as hand-me-downs is good stewardship! So, we keep everything, even the junk that is only suitable for outdoor play! I spent a few hours sorting and re-packing yesterday. I have already spent a few hours sorting this morning.

Sorting girl clothes:

I was very happy to find the baby boy clothes, since I am due in December! I have a good supply of 0-9 month sizes, I should not need to buy anything except for cloth diapers!

I was also happy to find a box of clothes for Lydia. There were two "church" dresses and one every day jumper. She has oodles of long sleeve shirts. I think if I can find a few jumpers or skirts at a thrift store she will be set!

Joshua has plenty of clothes for winter, so long as he stays a 2T for a while longer. I have not found the 3T box yet...

So, we have made some excellent progress! I am so pleased that Paul volunteered to bring stuff down, without me even asking!

I am still hoping and praying (literally) that we will be able to move out of this house soon and closer to Paul's jobs in Columbia. I am happy that with these clothing boxes packed we are ready to unload the attic into a moving truck. I am still praying for a miracle! Paul and I really, really want to be out of the house before the cold weather kicks in. Please do not think me double-minded on this issue. I know it seems like I go back and forth. But, what you are reading is my true desire to want to move AND my true desire to be content should we NOT move. I know that it is unlikely that we will move before Spring (tax return time), but I will not stop praying to that end. And, should God leave us here for another year or more (Egad!), I will keep praying for contentment!

I know that my last several posts have been very emotional, and not very spiritual. But, I will not claim to be a person who is able to "think on things above" all day, every day! I wish that I could! But, often I am consumed by the cares of this world. And, maybe it will help someone else out there reading my blog to know that there are a few normal, struggling moms out there... moms who do not have it all together... cannot afford decent housing... and often have to repent before the Lord for envy, covetousness, worry, and more! Praise God for His forgiveness for my bad days!

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Anonymous said...

My children love to "go shopping" in our clothes box, it used to be boxes, but we are down to only one now. It is great stewardship and your teaching a whole lot of other Biblical truths, contentment in Christ, and that He is providing for the need of clothing, in abundance!

I can say that box shopping has lead to older children who aren't obsessed with clothing styles. When they have needed clothing items, I've done the shopping without them. It's a little harder now that they've grown and I'm not sure on the sizing, we set the budget and the needed items and get only those things that are within the budget. This is mostly for the boys, as I sew most things for the girls.