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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Frustration = Sanctification

Reposted 11-25-2011

I am feeling VERY frustrated... but I am trying to realize that God means all trials for my good... God is working to sanctify me.

So, you are all wondering, "what happened now?" Well, my fridge is not working! My fancy- schmancy- enormous- side- by- side- Maytag fridge that we bought for $75 from my BIL is not working right! Over the past month we have turned up the thermostat on it to the coldest setting. Over the past month the milk has felt warmer and warmer. Then, this week the meat drawer started reading 46-49 degrees (Fahrenheit). Now, the ice in the freezer is melting and all my groceries are just cooler than room temperature.


I have moved everything I can into freezer bags and put it in the deep freezer. Praise God that we had the nearly empty deep freezer! And, the rest of the food... well, maybe with more room for the cold air to circulate it can hold out until.... when? I can't call a repair man! And, Paul's Sears Associate discount isn't good enough to buy a new fridge (even the cheapest, plainest model they have! With his discount we could maybe afford a dorm room fridge!)

I think I may scream. But, instead I will try to do something productive... like cook all the food in the fridge... and give it away?



Anonymous said...

Oh, I really don't like the frig going out! A few years ago ours went out, landlord provided. We had to wait 2 weeks for him to replace it, it was the middle of a July hot spell too! We went out and purchased a giant ice chest. I only wish I knew the trick then that I know now... to keep things really cold (nearly frozen if you are not careful, in an ice chest, you first put in a layer of dry ice, that has some sort of proctective covering (the kind we bought came in plastic) then you cover that with regular ice. We found the info at our grocery store and then at this website:

It works well, we used both the freezing and keep cold methods when we went to Bible camp for a week. We did need to get more dry ice after about 4 days, but it was nice knowing everything was stored properly!

I'll be praying for you Bethany.


Renee said...


I'll be saying a prayer for you too.

Who knows - maybe the fridge will just "kick back in" - or it may be something real simple to fix. Hopefully, you'll have a good solution soon.

Kim has a good idea too. (I'll have to remember that one.)

Bethany W. said...

Thank you ladies for the ideas! Another friend emailed me about vacuuming the fridge coils. I do vacuum the exposed parts monthly. But, my friend says to take off the back panel and grill to get it really clean. I think we will try this soon. And, by "we" I mean, I will watch Paul do it! If I get flat on the floor, I could be stuck for days (I seem to be having a weight distribution problem, with all my weight being right around the middle in an awkward lump ; )

Bethany (who, in case you forgot, is 7 months pregnant and looking a little rotund)