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Friday, September 4, 2009

Making a Lunch for Hubby

I know that for most of my readers this post will be rather remedial, but when I was a new wife I knew none of the practical aspects of loving my husband.

Tips for preparing a lunch for your Husband:

The night before:
- Set his little igloo on the counter
- If he eats potato chips, bag them up in a little ziplock
- Cut up your produce and put it in a plastic container or ziplock bag. (Paul eats apples, green peppers, carrots, and celery regularly) Set these in the fridge in a visible place.
- Put any dipping sauce (for the veggies) in a tiny plastic container. Put these in the fridge beside the veggies/fruit.
- Cut up lettuce for a salad, and place it in a serving sized container
- Put some salad dressing in a tiny container and set it next to the lettuce in the fridge
- If he is a hard-working-blue-collar-man, make his Gatorade and set it in the fridge.
- Make sure there is bottled water in the fridge (or Coke, if that is his thing)
- If you made chicken salad (or some meat salad), set a small portion aside in a plastic container to be set in his little igloo tomorrow morning
- If you are making chicken salad put his bread in plastic containers or ziplocks (because if you make the sandwich early, even in the morning, it will make the bread soggy)
- If he is eating leftovers, set a portion aside after dinner, or now
- Set out a plate to reheat food, or a bowl for soup
- Don't forget the fork/spoon if necessary
- He may want a napkin/serviette, does he need wet wipes too?
- Set some gum out, especially if you gave him an onion product
- ask in advance what kind of sandwich he wants, and what kind of condiments he wants on it
- on taco leftover days, I pack a small container of hot sauce

The morning of:
- Set all of the pre-made, pre-cut foods, and the drinks on the counter
- If he is eating a sandwich (PBJ, lunchmeat, etc) make it in the morning, so the bread does not get soggy
- Double check to make sure you got everything
- optional: Write a happy note saying you appreciate his hard work
- The hardest part of all: force it all into the little igloo without squishing the chips and bruising the apples

It seems easy to me now, but for years I neglected this practical showing of love for my husband. Once I got into the routine, it was not so hard! You can do it too! Your husband will feel loved, and you will not have to spend so much money on fast food/take out.

What tips can you add? I want to learn from all you home-making experts! I know I still have a lot of growing to do!


Mama Hen said...

I used to fix my hubby's lunch every morning before he left for work. He had a little igloo cooler also.

Now he works at a place that has a microwave so I send soup, a granola bar and a fruit that is in season. He eats the same thing every day and he likes it that way!

Anonymous said...

I love this, Bethany! My hubby is not often at his office around lunchtime, so he ends up eating out a lot (which we work into our budget). I've offered to make lunch for him before, but since he's rarely near a microwave, he has politely declined my offer. But maybe I can surprise him one of these mornings with one of the no-microwave-needed ideas you shared here. Thanks! (I'll let you know how it goes!)