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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More on the Swine Flu Vaccine

Go watch the videos and read the information on this link!

It is VERY informative. Do not say you do not have the time. You cannot afford NOT to watch these videos.

Key points from the video, just to whet your appetite:
- the swine flu vaccine has been "fast-tracked," meaning it is NOT thoroughly tested
- the safety tests that are done are being done only by the pharmaceutical companies themselves, in secret
- the safety tests that are being done are prior to adding the most dangerous ingredients (like the squalene)
- the numbers of potential cases and deaths by swine flu are HIGHLY inflated by the government, pharmaceutical companies, and media (to cause fear and panic and sell more vaccines?)
- Vitamin D3 is more efficient at preventing flu than vaccines

Please, Please go watch the videos. The safety of you and your children is at risk for years to come!


momto12 said...

Vitamin D3? In what quantities, please?

Bethany W. said...

The quantities for Ds are on video four. For adults it can be around 5000 IU/day. I think that kids was around 1000-2000.