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Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Vaccination Articles

As I research for my own pleasure/need to know, I will pass on the best articles I find to my readers. And, again, vaccines are not a salvation issue, you can be a Christian and vaccinate your kids. We all need to remember that our kids are given to us by God - they are, in essence, His. We need to do what we can to keep them healthy and safe. This involves (among other things) the foods we feed them and the drugs we give them. We need to research the safety of all products to make sure that we are being good stewards of the children that God has given us. And, if you research and come to different understandings, I respect your decision. But, if you simply refuse to consider the possibility that vaccines may not be safe, without researching it for yourself (and looking to any source other than the CDC and the companies who profit from these drugs) then I cannot respect that. And, just so you know, I have read many articles on the CDC page, and I do read the pamphlets at the health department. I want to be informed on both sides of the issue.

That said, I found a few more articles regarding mercury in vaccines that are intriguing. I think these articles are interesting, because they are reviews written by a third party. They are well documented and very educational. I hope you will make time to read them, or bookmark them for later.

The first article is a review of a statement/article by Autism Speaks. The original article by Autism Speaks states that there may be a group of people more susceptible to autism than others, and that research needs to be done to determine this susceptible group. The reviewer from FAME takes this one step farther and says that autism is mercury poisoning, and everyone is susceptible.

Then, there is another review by FAME, which addresses a CDC publication, pointing out flaws and misrepresentations that were made. It is a longer article, but a good read. And, if I understood correctly, one passage implies that (hear the sarcasm here) the mercury levels in vaccines given to infants may be safe as long as they are administered to a 276 pound individual. (Sarcasm ends)

I was thinking yesterday about how peanut allergies (tree nut allergies) have increased so much since I was a child. As a kid, I did not know anyone with a nut allergy, but now it seems that all my friends have kids with nut allergies. I was thinking... could there be a link between nut allergies and vaccines? Here is one article I found which says that there IS a link between vaxing and nut allergies. I have strong emotions about this new idea to create a peanut allergy vaccine! In my understanding this may be a bit counter-productive. (Because in general, vaccine hurt our immunity, not help it. And, that is, in my humble opinion why there are so many autoimmune diseases).

Remember how I mentioned in Vaccination Part 2 that I had my first asthma attack after receiving a MMR and Tetanus shot for seminary? Well, I found a whole list of links today that correlates asthma with vaccines. In fact, they make this statement:
Vaccination (not forgetting other drugs such as antibiotics 1,2 and Paracetamol 1) is the main cause of asthma.
I also mentioned in Vaccination Part 2 that both my boys developed severe eczema after vaccines. Nelson's condition worsened with each routine booster. Joshua's eczema has improved a lot since we have not gotten any of his boosters since he was two months old. Is there a link between vaccines and eczema? YES - even the CDC advises that children with preexisting eczema or in families with eczema to avoid the smallpox vaccine (they do not admit to any other vaccine causing eczema).

Here is another CDC link regarding a condition known as "eczema vaccinatum," caused by the smallpox vaccine. My Joshua looked something like the top picture in the previous link, when I took him to the doctor to be diagnosed with eczema the week following his shots. I had never seen eczema in such a severe state, and I could not even recognize it myself (even though, as I mentioned, Nelson and I both have the condition ourselves). Yet, I cannot find an article on the CDC site that links eczema with vaccinations other than smallpox. (But, common sense tells me otherwise)

I did find this CDC list of what conditions should keep a person from vaccinating, and what vaccine(s) they should not receive. If you vax yourself and/or your kids, make sure you know this list well! (Includes pregnancy, allergy to aspirin, and much more).

May the Lord give us all wisdom as we seek to raise our children!


Transformed from glory to glory said...

Yes, they are HIS and we are committed to their care as faithful stewards! Thanks for the reminder.

Mama Hen said...

Are you feeling better Bethany? I have been praying for you and your little one.

Bethany W. said...

I have to remind myself often that all parents come to different decisions of how to best be a good steward. I hope this keeps me from sounding too judgemental... I hope. I know from real-life conversations I have had that many Christian moms think that I am being a bad steward with my kids, because they might end up with some horrible disease... or even die. These conversations have tempered me some.

Mama Hen,
I am feeling better, thank you. I have not had any tightness or contractions today. I appreciate all your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Discernment is a wonderful gift of God- the world is moving so quickly making "advances" so we must you that discerment in determining what is best for our families. There just seems to be that if it's good for one it's good for all mentallity. I know folks who do place judgement upon those who choose not to vax. On the other hand we know missionary families in Africa that have had children and themselves become ill to some very icky diseases (typhoid is one recently) - mostly they constantly are battling malaria. It's a much different atmosphere and much medicine and medical care (prevention) is needed in that area. So vax and the like are really important.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the type, we must use not you.

Bethany W. said...


It is such a hard decision to know what to do! I have known of a few families who went to Africa to adopt and had to be vaxed with oodles of things that we do not think about in America. I also know that a lot of adopted children are brought to the states and given a lot of vaccines to go to school. This must be such a hard decision! I can't imagine how I would agonize over what is the right thing to do in these situations!

I ask myself: Would I let a thing like vaccines keep me from adopting a baby from another country? Is there an exemption or clause for families who want to adopt, but refuse vaccines? Would I let this vaccine issue keep me from foreign missions, if I was given an ultimatum? I cannot answer these questions until the time comes... if it comes.

I write these thoughts so that my readers will know that I too struggle with the intensity of this issue! I know that is not always a "black and white"/"cut and dry" issue. There are gray areas, to which I again say - Lord, give us wisdom!