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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Printer

Praise Report!

We got a new printer yesterday with Paul's birthday money (he turned 34 on Monday).
We bought a Lexmark 4650 all-in-one, because it had wonderful reviews at Amazon! And, we bought it at KMart, so Paul got a 10% employee discount (Sears owns KMart).

...Now, it is up to me to get the thing hooked up and hardware loaded. I usually let Paul do those kinds of things, but if I wait for him... well, I'm not sure when he would have time to get to it. He trusts me not to damage it too much while installing it ; ) Hopefully it will turn out better than last week's haircut (which I still have not gotten fixed)!

UPDATE LATER the same morning: I installed the printer. It had VERY easy directions to follow! I have already used the printer to get ready for school this afternoon! It prints SO fast compared to my old printer - WOW! Praise God for this blessing to my family and school!

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Anonymous said...

You'll get a lot of use out of a printer like that! A couple years ago a neighbor (the same one who had the apples) gave us a printer with a flatbed scanner/copier - it's amazing! When we first began homeschooling we contemplated buying a used copier and never did; my how technology has changed!