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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Guest, Mr. Turtle

Look who came for a visit this afternoon! It is on my back porch... perhaps eyeing the kittens.
I am pretty sure that he is some form of snapper. I took the picture of his tail, to help me distinguish if he is a common snapper or alligator snapper. (I don't care to have either on my porch... maybe the dog will shew it away)

It's rear end has triangle cut-aways. It has a very long tail! The tail seems to be somewhat ridged. I think it is a common snapper, because it has a somewhat "saw toothed" tail, and because it does not have dinosaur-like bumps on his back. But, its mouth is kind of hooked... What do you think? I didn't want to get close enough to measure it, but it is easily 12 inches long, without adding that massive tail.


Sanil Atarah Rivka said...

How cute! I know nothing about turtles and can't tell you if he's a snapper, though.

Sarah Dawn said...

My boys would grab it for you ... but we live in the rain forest :) And I love that you don't reply to comments ... GO WIFE AND MOM!

Blessings from the mission field,
Sarah Dawn

sarah in the woods said...

We had a snapper on our driveway last fall. Weird because we're not near water. Ours wasn't very big though.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! We don't have those here - I'm glad, besides it's "good" looks, something says, "fear me" about it. I'm not sure I would want one of the children to find it!

Ruby said...

Those are great pics, Bethany, even if he's not a welcome visitor.

The main thing is - Are you feeling a lot better? Everything settling down?
Prayers continuing.