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Monday, September 21, 2009

Snake Pictures

Navigate away if you do not want to see the snake that came to visit today.
At least this one is outside!
The view we see from inside the house.
Below: The view outside.
He is right outside of my living room window.
He is easily five feet long.
I am pretty certain this is a black rat snake. His underside is yellowish/whitish. My favorite Missouri snake site, the Missouri Department of Conservation's snake page, says that Black Rat snakes are known for their tree climbing ability.

Below: His head
I am glad that with all our cool nights that our snake population is moving closer to the house. (Yes, I meant to say that) The mice have been moving back into the attic this past week, and I count on these big snakes to rid us of some of the meddling rodent population! As I have said before, I would rather have snakes around than mice (though I do not want either inside the house!)


Ruby said...

I'm okay looking at a picture from afar...but snakes are my big phobia! You'r a brave girl. The ease with which you talk of this snake makes me think (hope) it is not poisonous? You sound like my parents, who always liked to have a carpet snake around to keep the mice down on the farm!
Great pic of Dad on the mower as well!
I do hope all goes well for Paul It is sometimes so hard to fathom the providences of the Lord but be comforted.He is working it together for your good!

Bethany W. said...


The snake is NON venomous! I am pretty calm about snakes... it is mice that make me panic! I cannot even look at a pic of a mouse without my adrenaline kicking in and my cheeks burning!


Ruby said...

Huh? Those cute little, furry critters!

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

I am so glad I live far enough north that I don't encounter snakes of that size, though if it is harmless I probably could get used to it.

Blessings too for Paul and his job. I pray the full time job comes soon.