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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Answered Prayers

Once again God has answered prayers.

The UPS man (not my husband, another UPS man) just delivered a package. It was delivered to my husband and the return address was overstock.com. I was a little panicked, "what did he order?!" Paul was quick to tell me that he didn't order anything, it must be a mistake... but let's open it and see what they sent.

Someone sent us a new space heater!

Since my last name is not on the blog, I am assuming that this gift is from a real-life (or maybe a facebook?) friend or family member who knows my whole name.

To my gracious benefactor - thank you so much! I wish you could have been here to see/hear my kids screaming "Praise the Lord!" I wish you could have been here to see me cry. Please know that I am asking God to send you blessings in return! We really needed this heater! I consider myself very blessed!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Mama Hen said...

I am so happy for you!!!! Our God is so good to provide and care for us.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. We're praying for you all. God bless and stay warm.

Tan said...

I love hearing stories like this! Praise God.

Natasa said...

Praise God! Many blessings to unknown giver.

Ruby said...

May God richly bless you also, for it is in giving that we receive!

Bethany, it is hard to imagine how cold you get over there. Here we already have all the fans going and dreaming of more air conditioning! I was discussing with the boys this morning how we could rearrange their room to fit in a table and put a desk for doing school work as they have a very average air con in there.
Praise God for his goodness!

Renee said...


(Stay warm)