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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Basic Math - Part 2

Two adults
PLUS four kids collecting walnuts
TIMES two hours of work each
PLUS two hours waiting in line to cash in


Bean said...

But the time spent pulling together as a family, on a beautiful day in the sunshine, all of you healthy and able to partake in the activity = PRICELESS :)

Anonymous said...

ditto - to "Bean"'s comment!

Transformed from glory to glory said...

Because HE cares more about the heart....and the fruit that is produced in perseverance.

Bethany W. said...

Though my original post is kind of grumpy sounding, we have every intention of collecting walnuts again as soon as it is dry enough. The kids loved being outside, and every dollar helps!


Steve and Paula said...

Every dollar does help, but boy, what a rip off :o(
Regardless, its a good healthy activity for all, and God will fill in the gaps.