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Friday, October 2, 2009

Can I move to your house?

... That is, unless you have mice.

I am terrified of mice. They cause me to panic. If I hear one in the attic I will stay awake all night. If I hear one in the wall behind my bed I will cry. And, when I hear them in the ventilation, I cry.

A few months ago I was hearing a LARGE mouse-like noise every night for about two weeks. I cried and cried. It was climbing around in the ventilation duct by my bed. I cried and tried to cover my head with a pillow. To dampen the noise I put a large book over the vent. This also made me feel safer... in case he should happen to chew through my steel wire covering. (I have heavy guage steel wiring on all my vents to hopefully keep out crickets, spiders, mice, and snakes, and anything else... possums, etc) Anyway, Paul was somewhat calloused about my fears, reminding me that nothing can chew threw that steel wiring.

Paul was wrong. We vacuumed all the vents out today, to prepare for using the heater. In the duct by my bed there was a large-mouse-size hole in the wire fencing. I am SO glad that I put that huge book on top of my duct!

I am not sure I will ever sleep in this house again. Sure, I have never actually had a mouse in the living quarters of my house... but in the ducts is too close for comfort.

Feel free to tell me I am a baby. But, I would rather have you commiserate with me! Would you live in my house?


Arthur Sido said...

We have three cats, mice don't come near our house!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have mice, we do have carpenter ants. Mice can chew through anything.

Bethany W. said...

We have several OUTside cats. But, don't you remember what happened when we let the cat in last winter? Sure, we didn't have mice, instead we had 8 kittens in the living room!

We have talked about bringing one of the kittens in... but I don't care for waking up with a cat on my head. Maybe I am just not a "cat person."


Mama Hen said...

Oh honey, you don't want to come to my house! I live in a very old house with land behind it and it is a mouse's dream. Last winter we had a time with them. I had to completely empty out my pantry and do a serious deep cleaning. I grew up in a city neighborhood so it was all new to me. My most mortifying housekeeping moment was when we had a company and a mouse ran across my kitchen counter!!!!! I truly just wanted the earth to swallow me up. Things are much better now and I keep all food items sealed up in plastic containers. And we have three cats too!

Ginny said...

I definitely feel bad for you. I, too, have a REAL hard time with mice coming into the house. We rarely get any inside anymore since my DH plugged all the holes, but we have had them numerous times since we moved to our house in the country, and I am unable to relax until we catch them all. (We usually find that if there is a 'Minnie", there is usually a "Mickey", too, so we keep vigilant even if we only think there is one.) Mouse traps, with a little peanut butter squished onto, and under, the foot trap, will do the trick and end the problem fairly quickly. I hope you can get to the bottom of the problem. I totally sympathize, and feel your pain....Ginny

Steve and Paula said...

Sure, come on up!
Seriously though, bring in a cat. For that matter, put a couple of them in the crawl space for a couple of days. along with plenty of water, and a wee bit of food.
They will do wonders for you!

You can easily train a cat to not get on your bed.
A squirt of water as needed does the trick.

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

Oh my! Scary! I don't mind mice but I wouldn't want one landing on my head or bed while sleeping (or awake).

Transformed from glory to glory said...

You are more than welecome to move in with us, the more the merrier. But, with that said, you may not appreciate the geckos that crawl all around at night, the cocroaches and ants that scurry about freely or the spiders that keep my children busy for hours--they love trying to capture them! "Learing to be content in ALL situations."

Bethany W. said...


I think we had a mis -communication. I was saying in the above comment that I woke up with my CAT on my head! (Though that is irksome enough...) I hear mice IN the walls of my room, but I have never seen one in my house (so long as I can define "house" not to include mud room, attic, cellar, and crawl space). At least I have never had any in our rooms, living rooms, or kitchen! (Yet, anyway)


Debbie Haughland Chan said...

It was climbing around in the ventilation duct by my bed. I cried and tried to cover my head with a pillow. To dampen the noise I put a large book over the vent.

I guess I was thinking the vent was in the ceiling and had you not put a book against it (with tape?), the mouse would have landed on your head or bed when it chewed through the protective wire mess. Guess I jumped to a wrong picture in my mind. Sorry!