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Friday, October 2, 2009

Cooking with Little Hands

Even though my oldest is now 7, I still feel like a parenting novice! I knew so little about children before I had my own! So, on occasion I like to write down some practical helps for those like me... who know nothing to begin with.

My suggestion for today is this:
Even the little hands can help put muffin mix into the pan! I used to always pour it myself while the kids cried "I want to help too!" Well, we have a solution now. Did you know that you can fill a standard muffin cup using a 1/4 cup measure? Kids can handle that really well!

One more suggestion:
Sometimes I let my littlest helpers mix the dry ingredients in an enormous (spill-proof) bowl, just to feel helpful.

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Anonymous said...

Working alongside your children is the best teacher! You'll feel like a novice until that oldest is grown and graduated from your little homeschool; at least I did - even now as a "veteran"(loosely used!) the youngers will surprise me with new antics, I will say though that I hardly ever said yes to the oldest's "I want to help!" cries, seeing how fast she grew up, helped me be more patient and include the young ones in things. Keep up the good work!