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Friday, October 9, 2009

My kids teach me!

This morning my 4 year old, Lydia, brought me a paper she was working on. "Mommy, look at the numbers I made." I was looking only half-heartedly, when I noticed real letters and numbers she had written! I know most homeschooled 4 year olds can write. This post is not about how exceptional my kids are. (Though I do think they are mighty special!) This post is about God taking me, an imperfect vessel, and teaching children in spite of me.

What amazed me is that we have been doing only pre-writing exercises, tracing lines, patterns, and shapes. I had not tried to introduce numbers or letters yet... I didn't want to rush her the way I did Rebecca.(And, Nelson has a fine motor delay and he is having trouble writing... silly me, I forgot that every child is different!)

So, in school this morning (yes, I actually did school in the morning with all four kids at the table! And, yes, we actually accomplished something!), I gave Lydia letters to trace from Donna Young. AND, she asked for plain ruled paper to write her own free-hand. I am amazed!

God is working in my kids in spite of my deficiencies.

(Pat me on the back. This is my first time using the new scanner and uploading a scanned document!)


Lieuvena said...

How wonderful! I had the same thing happen recently. My son Colin who will be 4 this month gets speech therapy and his therapist was working on a project and asked if he could write his name. He said yes and we both expected some lines and such, but he did it!I have also not formally introduced this to him yet. I agree about not pushing things too soon. It is amazing what children are capable of learning when we allow their brains to develop as God created them to, as opposed to forcing them to learn things according to some arbitrary schedule before they are ready.

Anonymous said...

That's how I found out my little girlies were really reading at that age! They wrote things out, just like your little sweetie! Just like you, I jumped on their wagon real quick then!!! Homeschooling is AWESOME!

Transformed from glory to glory said...

Thanks for the reminder. Yes, the Lord works in the lives of our children despite our faults.....He is SOVEIRGN!